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if not all曰批全过程免费视频播放

Author’s note:This is Kelly’s second story.Her first (episode 3) is interracial.She goes undercover, fails on several levels, and becomes involved in a world of prostitution and other crimes.The worst is that she neglected her son, Nate, and subjected him to this world.I’ve used Fat Rob in quite a few stories.He’s charming, flirtatious, and a criminal.Kelly and Nate are essentially held hostage in his building.The incest takes quite a while to get to.This story is mainly about Kelly becoming a siren of sabotage and mending her relationship with her son in the process.Violence is involved.It also features cameos from Kelly’s sister, Trina (from parts 1 and 2).Policewomen 4:Kelly’s ReturnIntroductionTrina handed Julie a glass of sweet tea then took a seat next to Richie, her son.Julie was sitting on the couch across from Trina and Riche with her son, Ray.The two women recently met, Julie having found Trina, contacted her, and traveled to Trina’s North Carolina home.It was a difficult day for Trina.She learned this woman was her half-sister.They shared the same father, a man who abandoned Trina when she was very young.What made things more unusual was that Julie invited Trina and Richie to live with her in Charleston, South Carolina.Julie informed them of her huge, new home, their father built for them.Trina didn’t understand, questioning why there, why move in with this woman.They were silent for several minutes, enjoying their tea.Trina noted their similar hair color and type, same eye color too.Julie’s words, “it’s a special place, a special neighborhood,” echoed in Trina’s mind while sitting awkwardly.“How,” Trina spoke up.“How is it special?What makes this home special?Why do you want us to move there?”“I want you to move there based on a hunch I have about you.We’re related, the same father, I feel like we love the same things,” Julie cryptically answered.“What do you mean?”Julie smiled, stood in the middle of the living room, eyes on Trina and removed her top.She unhooked her bra, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, sliding them down with her thong.Completely nude, she turned to her son, Ray, straddled him, kissing him passionately.Trina watched with shock Ray’s hands cup his mother’s ass.Julie ended the kiss, looking over her shoulder to Trina, “We love our sons.”Trina nodded, her hand squeezing Richie’s thigh.“Yes,” she whispered her heart racing.“Good,” Julie said, getting off Ray, walking to Richie.She went to her knees and unzipped the shocked 21-year-old’s pants, fishing for and pulling out his cock, sucking it to full strength.“He’s all ready for you,” Julie winked; Trina went to her knees, grabbing the erect pole by the base.“We’d be very busy at my home.Are you up for it?”Trina was removing her top as she slobbered all over Richie’s cock, “Mmhmm.”“Wonderful,” Julie made her way back to Ray, going to her knees. “What about Kelly?”Trina stopped sucking Richie’s dick, looked to his face, sadness overcoming her.It had been several months since she last spoke to her sister.Chapter 1Kelly stood in front of a burning building, her face expressionless, watching it crumble down.Some of the other girls were crying.Fat Rob was furious, cursing, making calls.The fire department would be there soon.Her long, blonde locks blew in the wind on the cool summer night.She felt her rage changing, refocusing into something else, something she could use. The image of one of Fat Rob’s associates pushing down, and then kicking her son, Nate, a week earlier was burned into her retinas.She decided to use that fire that grew inside her and burn one of Fat Rob’s clubs to the ground.He had no idea it was her.Several of Fat Rob’s girls, including Kelly, all tracked via ankle bracelets they were ordered to wear, were in attendance that night.He had them sell sexual favors to the customers, while Fat Rob worked in the back office, selling women to bigger, out of town clients.He was struggling financially and was selling some of the women who lived in his tower.A customer bought time with Kelly.She led him to a private room in the back, told him to wait, she’d be back.She returned a moment later with a hammer she found in an unlocked utility closet down the hall.She snuck past Fat Rob’s office, seeing him on the phone, and made her way back to the customer.Hitting him in the head in from behind, she saw him toppled over, catching him was the best she could do to prevent any other injury.Kelly dragged the man down the hall, moving quickly to the back door, and pulled him out of the building.In her purse she had matches and nail polish.Back at the utility closet, moving as fast as possible to avoid getting caught, she took out the nail polish and poured it on the wall, spreading and smearing it around as best she could with paper towels.She looked around in the closet, finding a container of turpentine.She emptied it on the floor, the walls, and the hallway.Kelly stepped outside the closet, lit a match, ignited the entire match book, threw it in the closet and left the door cracked.She headed into the main area of the club.Her roommate, Torrie was giving someone a lap dance.Kelly grabbed her and pulled her outside, hoping this would work.Moments later everyone was pouring out of the club, including Fat Rob.“Just wait.This is nothing,” Kelly thought, watching Fat Rob frantically make calls, fire truck sirens getting louder.****That night, at Fat Rob’s building in her and Torrie’s apartment, Kelly argued with her son again.“If they lay a hand on me again,” Nate was fuming.No one was allowed to leave Fat Rob’s building, including any non-employees, like Nate, without permission.He was angry, rebellious that he was brought to this building in his senior year of high school.Since Fat Rob’s finances were crumbling, due to all his clubs in Florida being shut down, and lack of attendance at the remaining open one, he put a tight grip on everyone.All his employees lived in his tower.The women had their own apartments.Fat Rob allowed Kelly to bring her son here, since she was moving in.He loved the fact a son would see his mother in this light, as a slut, a prostitute.It wasn’t supposed to be like this.Kelly was undercover, getting closer to Fat Rob, learning what she could.But she became addicted to the lifestyle, stripping, dancing, and sex.When Fat Rob asked her to move in, she foolishly agreed, taking her son with her.Nate hated it there.He hated Fat Rob’s men, and he hated Fat Rob.The only time he spoke with his mother was when he got angry enough to.Kelly tried to calm him down, “Nate, please.”“No!I can’t leave!You have to wear that bracelet!Why would you bring us here!What’s wrong with you?” Nate yelled, storming off.****Late summer arrived.Nate was in his room, his mother quietly entering.She sat next to him on the bed and tossed the ankle bracelet on the mattress next to him.“They’re cheap,” she explained.“Nothing like what I used to put on kids for house arrest,” she added referring to her days as a police officer.“So you can leave?” Nate asked; his back to his mother.“Yes, but I can’t yet.”“Why not?” he turned around revealing a black eye and busted lip.Kelly fought tears of sadness and rage.“I have to do something.I have to do something about this place, about what I’ve done,” she placed her hand on his.“I have to be patient, I have to,” Kelly struggled to speak, anger rising.“I have to be patient,” she reiterated.“I’m going to get a few of the girls out of here.I’ve seen them get beaten and smacked around by Fat Rob.After I help them escape, then I’ll stay behind.But you can leave with them if you want,” Kelly said.“No.I mean, I want to, but I can’t leave you here.One of the reasons I’ve been so angry is because you’re here, not so much me.You are the one that needs to leave.I’ll stay here with you until you can,” Nate said.Kelly hugged her son, kissing his cheek.“I’ll make this right.”At three in the morning, Kelly snuck out, dressed in black, wearing a hoodie and took the stairs to another floor.She arrived at the apartment of the women that have been asking her to help them leave.All ten of them were dressed in similar fashion, their faces obscured.“Take them off,” Kelly said, nodding to the ankle bracelets.“Toss them back in the apartment and follow me.”They took the stairs, arriving at the lobby.The night watchmen, an elderly man Fat Rob barely paid minimum wage to, was dozing at the front desk.“There are cameras in the elevators, at all doors going in and out of the building, and a couple outside the building.You will be seen, they will find out.Hopefully, with what you’re wearing, they won’t be able to tell who is running away immediately – maybe until Fat Rob summons you for sex or for a client.”“We understand,” one of the women said.“Go to the police, if you can.I know a precinct isn’t too far from here.You may have to hide out a few days before going there.Fat Rob would have his men hang out near the station, expecting you all to go there first.Do the best you can, stay together in crowded areas during the day, and try to find dark, wooded areas at night.Hide in the shadows.”The women nodded.“I will choke out the night watchman if he stirs when I grab his keys.Open the front door and toss them back in the building.Run! ” Kelly said.The girls sprinted toward the entrance, Kelly behind them, stopping at the front desk.The keys were on a key chain – there was no way he would remain asleep.She removed them from his belt buckle, tossing them to the nearest escapee.The old man stirred, “Huh?What?”One punch from Kelly knocked him out.She nodded to the girls, they finally found the right key, opened the big glass double door, tossed the keys back in and left.Kelly sprinted up the stairs, out of breath when she reached her floor.She made her way back to her apartment.“Nate,” she whispered.He was still awake, barely able to sleep in this place after all these months.He slid over, extending his arm.Kelly kissed his cheek again, eyes tearing up, as she kept thinking, kept planning.She would make things right with her son.Chapter 2Kelly was dreaming again.She was dreaming of the night she witnessed Fat Rob’s truly despicable nature.Pimping out women is one thing, murder is another.Kelly failed to act, she failed to intervene, and end her infiltration by going to her Captain.In the months that followed she wondered why.She was waiting for something.The perfect moment.She tossed and turned, her dream changing, seeing something that wasn’t real.Kelly saw Fat Rob’s face as his life, his sins, flashed before his eyes.All the marriages he broke up, all the women he used and abused, all the manipulations, all the smooth-talking, all those memories being recalled in a single moment.It was Fat Rob’s face as he was dying.Kelly woke up next to her son.She wanted to see that face in real life – not in a dream.She wanted to end Fat Rob; she wanted to be the one to do it.She had to be patient.She looked to the wedding ring she was wearing.Her friend knew Fat Rob loved married women and gave her the ring to wear in order to increase her chances of getting closer to him.It worked.Fat Rob thought Kelly was married, taking her under his wing, fucking her brains out, convincing her to leave the non-existent husband.She lay back down next to Nate, “So stupid,” she shook her head, ashamed of her actions.****The Atlanta air cooled slightly as October arrived.Kelly and Torrie worked quite a bit in recent weeks.Kelly kept waiting, kept planning, and watching.She helped a few more girls escape, but that was it.Security was beefed up ten-fold.Men patrolled the hallways at night, several stood guard at every exit.She couldn’t escape.Kelly had to think of another way.The face of defeat, the face of a worthless life – Fat Rob’s face from her dream – etched on her mind.She endured the sex, the late night clients, being away from Nate, Fat Rob’s increasing anger and possessiveness over his women – his property.Kelly, thinking Nate was asleep, heard a knock at her apartment door.It was Nate.He wasn’t alone.“This little bitch tried to get out again.Keep him under control,” one of Fat Rob’s men shoved a beaten Nate into his mother’s arms.She looked him over, his nose bloody, eyes swollen.“Get off me!” he pushed his mother away, lunging at the man.“I’ll kill you!”He laughed and punched Nate in the gut.“Get out!” Kelly screamed, going to her son’s side.The man laughed, leaving them be.Nate pushed her away, holding his stomach.“Nate let me look you over,” Kelly pleaded.“You better do something fast,” Nate glared, slamming his door on his mother.Kelly rubbed her temples, struggling to hold it together.She wanted to barge into Fat Rob’s penthouse suite and tear him limb from limb.Sitting at the small table the equally small kitchen, Kelly thought about what to do.Fat Rob was struggling, losing money, selling women, raising prices to compensate.Another financial setback could ruin him further.But it might not.He might get rougher with the girls; maybe even sell Kelly herself to someone.Kelly thought about her old job – her real job as a police officer.The women weren’t allowed cellphones, laptops, or anything to communicate with the outside world.If Kelly could get hold of her former Captain and tell him everything, there’s a chance he’d help her.The women she set free never returned with the police, she wondered if Fat Rob’s crew picked them up and disposed of them or if they simply ran away as far as possible.Kelly checked her schedule on the calendar next to the refrigerator.In two weeks, there was a Halloween event at a remaining Fat Rob club.It was close to her old home, her old job, her old life.She glanced to the ankle bracelet.Kelly knew they had monitoring software associated with them, but were poor in quality and didn’t trigger an alarm or notification when removed.“Crash their car,” she thought.“Take this thing off in the car.Kick the driver in the head, open the passenger side, and fall out.I’d get hurt, but if the traffic is bad, I can make a run for it.Either way, I need to get away that night and go to the police from there.”She began pacing back and forth, frantically wanting to destroy everything around her, and leave Fat Rob’s building in a pile of rubble.Kelly needed evidence.She needed something to give to the police to show what Fat Rob has been up to – it would make up for her failure as an undercover cop.Kelly was staring off into space when she was startled by the door slamming open.Torrie, her roommate, crashed through the door in the arms of a younger guy.They fell onto the floor, her legs wrapped around him, pulling his t-shirt off.“Fuck me!” she begged.He leaned down, kissing and licking at her neck.“Oh yes, baby, just like that!”Kelly watched Torrie hike up her skirt, the younger guy going to his knees, unzipping his shorts and getting his cock out.Torrie moaned when he entered her, pumping his hips wildly.They fucked across the carpet floor, arriving close to Kelly.The guy picked Torrie up; her legs still wrapped around him, and slammed her against wall, kissing her.Kelly couldn’t look away.“Um,” she said.“Ahh yes!” Torrie was being bounced up and down on the younger man’s cock.Kelly assumed he was a client, but something was different.Kelly saw Torrie have sex plenty of times, none were like this, none seemed to cause her this much pleasure.“Kelly!” Torrie cried out, the younger man relentlessly fucking her against wall.“This is Eddie!”He backed away from the wall, walking Torrie to her bedroom.“My son!” she called out to Kelly, Eddie carrying his mother to her room, closing the door, and then slamming her on the bed.Kelly, mouth agape, listened with shock as Torrie and her son went at it like animals in Torrie’s bedroom.Kelly went to Nate’s room later, after the sounds of wild incest settled.She held her son, whispering how sorry she was in his ear.He stirred a bit, rolling over to his back, Kelly caressed his face.“Soon.Soon we’ll leave, soon justice will be served,” she kissed his cheek and fell asleep in his arms.****“Well?Want to explain last night for me?” Kelly asked the next morning, sitting next to Torrie on the couch.“Yeah,” Torrie took a sip of coffee.“It helps.”“What helps?”“With the guilt I have.”“What helps with the guilt?” Kelly prodded.“Sex?With Eddie?”“Yes.And it’s not just sex.It’s more incredible than anything I’ve ever experienced.It makes me feel like I’m not a horrible woman for cheating, leaving my husband to join Fat Rob.”Kelly thought about Torrie’s words.She didn’t leave a husband, but she brought her son into this world, a world she was only supposed to sample and obtain information about, not become fully a part of.Torrie smiled softly, “I know it’s wrong, but to see the joy I bring to his face when he, um, finishes, it makes everything better.”“How did you get him in the building?”“I told them he was a client.Fat Rob doesn’t care, as long as people pay, they can come here.Eddie will leave and come back tomorrow probably.”“Torrie, we have to leave.Come with me, please?You can,” Kelly paused, wincing at what she was about to say, “be with your son outside of this building.You and he can, you know, be together?”“I have no real skills, nothing else going on; I’d have nowhere to stay.Fat Rob provides us with everything.Eddie is in college, he’s got a lot going for him.”“Then stay with him at school.”“I can’t.He lives at home with his father, he goes to school nearby.”Kelly shook her head, her mind thinking.“I’m going to use Eddie for something; he’s going to help me.I can’t use Nate, they all know who he is.But you’re saying they think Eddie is a client.”“Right.I didn’t want to them to know he’s my son.”Kelly’s lip quivered, she fought tears.Torrie consoled her, “Kelly, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to imply that’s what you should’ve done.Your son is younger than mine.You were able to take him you when you left your husband.”“I’m not married.I never was.I mean, I was, but it was years ago,” Kelly admitted.“What?”Kelly fiddled with the ring a friend gave her to trick Fat Rob into paying attention to her.“I WAS an undercover police officer.But I failed at that.I got caught up in this lifestyle, the sex, everything.”Torrie held her hand to her mouth, “I see.”“Torrie, please let me use Eddie to help me with something.I’m begging you.No harm will come to him.If I can take down Fat Rob, you and Eddie,” a wonderful thought entered her mind before she continued, “me and Nate, can move away; I have a sister, we can stay with her.”“The four of us?” Torrie asked.“Yes.”“Are you and Nate, like Eddie and I?”Kelly shook her head.“Ok, what do you need Eddie’s help with?”Chapter 3Kelly lay away in bed, next to Nate, listening to Eddie and Torrie have sex almost every night, all night.She sounded amazing.All the times Torrie climaxed before were nothing compared to the powerful orgasms echoing throughout the apartment.They were real, strong, and Kelly found herself as the days passed by, wanting to experience something similar.“Guilt,” she thought.“Torrie is getting rid of her guilt, by doing that.”She glanced to her sleeping son.“Maybe that’s why I’m in here with you,” she whispered.“But would I ever do what Torrie is doing?”The next several nights Kelly got home late, Torrie and Eddie were having sex, after bartending for Fat Rob’s lavish orgies in his penthouse.She cleaned glasses, watching women give themselves to him and his men.As she was cleaning up, she noticed a door was left open.It was one of Fat Rob’s offices.“Here it is.I’ll bring Eddie here tomorrow.I’ll get what I need from here.”Kelly relayed her plan to Eddie.He was unsure, but his mother told him it was fine.“How do I look?” Kelly spun around in a tight cocktail dress for Nate.“Fine.”Kelly looked over her shoulder, Torrie and Eddie were making out at the door while he waited for Kelly.“Hey,” Kelly whispered, taking a seat on Nate’s lap.“Mom, come on.”She tipped his chin to her, “Listen.Eddie is pretending to be my date tonight.I’m going upstairs to Fat Rob’s party.I’m searching his office for evidence.Trust me.Tomorrow night,” Kelly nodded her head.“You’re leaving?”“Sort of.There’s a Halloween party I have to work.I’ll escape from there.I’ll go to the police and bring them here.”“Ok,” Nate nodded, glancing at her cleavage.“Hey,” Kelly whispered, tipping his chin again.She closed her eyes, exhaled on his lips, and kissed him softly.Her lips felt magnetically attached to his; she struggled to pull away.“Mom, I, uh,” Nate spoke.“I love you,” Kelly interrupted him.“I love you too.”She got off his lap, Nate watching her hips sway as she exited his room.Torrie and Eddie were still going at it by the door, his hand in her pajama pants, fingering her pussy.“Ok, time to go!” Kelly broke them up.“Be careful,” Torrie told Eddie.He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, extended his arm to Kelly and left.Torrie smiled, stripped naked and got in the shower.****“No,” one of Fat Rob’s men stopped Kelly and Eddie at the penthouse door.“He’s a client,” Kelly said.“Fat Rob is fine if we bring clients here.”“Sign in,” the man handed Eddie a clipboard.“Sign in, Richie,” Kelly said, saying the first name that popped in her head – her nephew’s.“Sure,” Eddie signed the fake name.Loud music was playing, naked women, though not as many anymore, walked around, random men were getting sucked and fucked.“Here!” Kelly said over the loud music, guiding Eddie to a couch.“Sit!”She pushed him down, climbed on top, straddled him and stuck her tongue in his mouth.She broke the kiss, “Grab my butt.”“Um, I uh,”“Do it!They have to think you’re one of my clients.”They kissed again.A moment later, Kelly ended it, surveying the room.Fat Rob’s back was to her.He was in the middle of the room, sitting up in a small bed.Women were taking turns riding his cock.“Unzip me,” Kelly told Eddie.“What?”“Do it!”Eddie reached for the zipper on the back of Kelly’s dress, pulling it down for her.She pulled the dress over her shoulders, exposing her breasts.She nodded to Eddie, who grabbed one, sucking away on it.Kelly used this opportunity to study her surroundings even more.Fat Rob’s office.It was open on the other side of the penthouse, near the bar.That’s where Kelly needed to be.“Come with me,” Kelly got off Eddie, pulling him up.“Pick me up, like you did your mother, make like you’re fucking me against the wall.We’ll make our way to the office over there and fall into it.Got it?”“Yep!” Eddie said, scooping Kelly up, her straddling him.They kept kissing, Kelly, keeping one eye open, watching Fat Rob.He was oblivious.At Kelly’s apartment, Torrie knocked on Nate’s door.“Come in,” he said.“Hi there,” Torrie’s infectious smiled shone on Nate.She was wearing only a bathrobe.“Hey,” Nate nodded, putting a book down, one of the few possessions he had there.“I need to apologize,” Torrie said, sitting on edge of Nate’s bed.“For what?”“My son and I,” Torrie blushed, biting her bottom lip.“Your son?”“Mmhmm, Eddie.”Nate’s eyes widened, “He’s your son?No way.”“You didn’t know?Your mom didn’t tell you?” Torrie asked.“Geez, well I guess she wouldn’t.Maybe she felt the fact he and I are lovers isn’t something to spread around.”“Uh, yeah, I guess.”“Anyway, I’m sorry if we were too loud and kept you awake.”“It’s ok.”“Do you and your mom – ”“What?No!I mean, no we aren’t like that,” Nate said.“Aw, sorry.It’s really a wonderful thing.”“Incest?”“Mmhmm, it makes things so much better.Plus I know your mom loves you as much as I love Eddie – which is more than anything.”Nate gulped and nodded.Torrie stood, looking out Nate’s window into the night sky.She quickly turned around, “Couldn’t you just imagine her coming in here, wearing a robe like this and taking it off for you.”Nate watched Torrie remove the robe, letting it fall to her feet.“She’d reveal her lovely hourglass body for you, straddle you,” Torrie climbed on top of a shocked Nate.“She’d say ‘I love you’ then kiss you,” Torrie grabbed Nate’s face, kissing him hard, her tongue slithering into his mouth.Eddie had Kelly pinned against the wall, inching closer to the open office.She was lost in the kissing, thinking about how this was Torrie’s son, she was kissing him just like Torrie did.She wondered if she’d ever kiss Nate like this.Eddie and Kelly finally arrived at the office door, “Now!” Kelly said signaling Eddie to appear as though he tripped.He slammed Kelly on Fat Rob’s desk, they kept kissing, Eddie climbing on top of her.Torrie was busy kissing Nate too.“So good, it’s so good, he and I,” she said in between kisses.“Do you think your mom’s pretty?” Torrie asked, while Nate kissed at her neck.“Uh huh,” he said.“Get off me!” Kelly said, finding herself, remembering why she was there.“Oh, uh, sorry,” Eddie said, backing away.Kelly went to her knees, opening drawers, looking for something Eddie could take with him.She found a gun, all Fat Rob’s men carried them.She found keys, receipts, folders.When she opened the folders she found something she needed.Kelly saw pictures of women, their stats, height and weight, along with prices.“Trafficking,” she whispered, looking for more.She found old photos, then legal documents from Fat Rob’s former lawyer.The documents were regarding the shutting down of Fat Rob’s clubs, with his executed lawyer’s name, Wayne, all over it.“Motive? Maybe,” she stuffed the documents in the folder of women for sale.“Your phone.Did they take it?” Kelly asked Eddie.“Yes, it’s at the front desk.”“Figures.Take these, stuff them in your pants and let’s go,” Kelly said standing.She removed her dress, fully nude in front of Eddie.“Put your hand on my ass, as we walk out.Make sure that folder is flat against your tummy.Hold your hand over top of it,” Kelly instructed.“Alright,” Nate squeezed her butt the entire walk back through the penthouse.“Leaving so soon?” the door man asked.“Yes, he’s leaving early.He’s got a stomach ache,” Kelly lied.“Oh yes, yes,” Torrie moaned, still on top of Nate.“Wait,” he said.“Wait, just relax.”“Are you ok?”“Yeah,” Nate was catching his breath.“Thinking of your mom?”He nodded his head, embarrassed.“She’s gorgeous.”“I know,” Nate agreed.Kelly was instructing Nate to go to the police as soon as he could; hoping that explaining everything and providing the documents might help move things along.“You can let go of my ass now,” Kelly smiled.“Sorry.”“It’s ok.I’ll walk you to the front lobby.”“They don’t mind that you’re nude?”“Nah, most of the woman that are left walk around naked here anyway.”“Does my mom?”“Not really,” Kelly looked to the floor.“You want to be with her?”“Yes.”“I’m going to get her and all of us out of here.Starting tomorrow,” Kelly walked Eddie to the front entrance, kissing him goodnight.Torrie was standing in Nate’s door, arms around him, kissing him.“Maybe you and her could be like Eddie and I.Lovers, forever.I’m hoping we can leave here soon.”Nate shrugged, “I don’t know.I don’t think she and I would be like that.It’s not really normal.”Torrie smiled, kissed him goodnight and left him be.He watched her from his door make her way to her bedroom.The front door of the apartment opened and in walked his naked mother.Kelly dropped the little black dress, petrified, staring at her son.His mouth hanging open, Nate’s eyes traveled over her body.Kelly didn’t move, watching him watch her.Nate saw her like this before, but this was different.Sexual thoughts of her drifted through his mind, thanks to Torrie.Kelly moved first, breaking the trance, “It’s been a weird night.I’m going to shower.”“Ok,” Nate nodded, watching her walk by him to the shower.Chapter 4The next day, there was no mention of the awkward exchange the previous night between Kelly and her son.Instead, they planned.They snuck around, using the stairs, from floor to floor.Kelly found a hiding spot for Nate.She knew Fat Rob wasn’t letting anyone leave his building, so Nate escaping through the front door wouldn’t work due to heavy surveillance.It was in a hall bathroom, the women’s room.Kelly knew most, if not all, remaining women would be attending the Halloween event that evening.The chances of Nate getting caught by hiding in a closet there were slim.After they found a hiding spot for Nate, Kelly raided her and Torrie’s bathrooms.She found pain relievers specifically for night time with side effects of drowsiness.She put those in her purse along with a cigarette lighter she found that one of Fat Rob’s men left after visiting Torrie a few months back.Nate searched for items of his own.He was standing in the kitchen, gripping a small paring knife, his knuckles white.He heard his mother coming and put the small blade into his pocket.“How do I look?” Kelly asked, turning around in her tiny, light blue, sequined cocktail dress.“You look great,” Nate answered, glancing over her body.Kelly nodded, approaching her son.“I’ll be tending bar at this event.I have no idea when I’ll be back here.But when we’re gone, go hide.When I get back, I’ll come get you, hopefully hardly anyone will be here.Then we’ll leave.”“Where will we go?”Kelly rubbed his shoulders, “Probably not back to our house.I suspect they’d look for us there, unless,”“Unless what?”Kelly dismissed the thought of seeing Fat Rob’s face, before his death, in her dreams.If Eddie hadn’t already gone to the police, by the night’s end, they would surely be involved.Getting out and away was the only thing she needed to focus on.“Nothing.We can go stay with your Aunt Trina.”Torrie came out wearing a similar dress. Kelly nodded to her, and then turned to face her son, she held his face and kissed him again.It was much slower than the previous one, but just as loving.“I love you,” she said, looking to his eyes.Slightly flustered, Nate blushed, “I love you too.”Fat Rob’s entourage took five Escalades to the event he was contracted.All were filled with his crew and remaining women.Kelly sat right next to Fat Rob in the back seat of his Escalade.Torrie was on the other side.Fat Rob casually unzipped his pants, fishing out his erection.Kelly resisted the urge to bite it off and cause the car to crash.Torrie shot Kelly a look, and leaned forward.“Miss Kelly?You feeling ok?” Fat Rob asked, confused why she wasn’t servicing his cock too.“I’m fine, baby,” Kelly lied.“Just trying remember if I brought everything I need for the bar.”“I’m sure they’ll have plenty of liquor, if we run out,” Fat Rob looked over his shoulder, seeing boxes of booze in the back.“Now then, get to work.”Kelly nodded, leaned down, and sucked and licked all over his cock with Torrie.****Kelly tended bar, just like she was asked to do, discreetly grinding up pills while setting up.Fat Rob’s men flirted with her; she gave them drinks, making sure to add ground up nighttime pain medication to them.Some of the patrons, a high ranking business function with CEO’s and VP’s had a little extra seasoning in their drinks too.Fat Rob didn’t.He was busy in a back room making future deals, discussing selling another woman to an overseas business man attending the event.Kelly watched Torrie hand a medicine laced vodka to one of Fat Rob’s men.“Patience.I have to wait.It’ll kick in eventually.”“You like her?” Fat Rob asked the man from Japan.“That’s Miss Kelly.She’s great.I’m willing to sell her off for five million.”“Why so much?” he asked.“Well she has a kid, there’d be extra work involved on our end to, uh, deal with him,” Fat Rob winked, closing the door and continued making the sell.Kelly waited and watched.A few men were passed out; another few were getting close.The music was blaring, lap dances were decreasing.It was almost time for Kelly to act.She left the bar, heading to the back door of the venue.Torrie followed.“Get ready.Gather up the girls, take off the ankle bracelets – we’re leaving.I’ll get some keys.I think the driver is passed out.”“Ok,” Torrie hugged Kelly and they began.Kelly grabbed keys from a dazed employee, he stirred, attempting to stand but toppled over.Torrie was busy moving girls and clients out of the main room.She moved more of the intoxicated customers into the lobby, telling them to wait for something special.They drunkenly agreed.Kelly held the back door open, clicking the unlock button on the keys, seeing the corresponding Escalade’s head lights turn on.“Hurry!” she motioned for Torrie and one of the younger girls.“Wait!” the 20-something stopped Torrie.“I’m not leaving.”“What?” Kelly asked.“We’re all leaving.”“No,” she put her hands on her hips.“I’m not about to leave this.I’m not going back to my little dicked husband.He could never please me.I feel sexy here and I’m not – ”Kelly delivered a right hook to the side of the girl’s head, knocking her out.“Got her?” she asked Torrie.“Yep,” Kelly held the door open as Torrie dragged the girl out.They loaded up an Escalade, Kelly and Torrie rushing back inside to get the final few girls.Ushering them out, Fat Rob appeared.“Go!” Kelly screamed, pushing the girls through the back door.Fat Rob sprinted after them, Kelly slammed the door in his face.He pushed it open, running out into the back parking lot after them.Kelly stopped, ducked to the side, and tripped him.“Run!” she yelled to Torrie and the remaining girls.Fat Rob crawled to his feet, giving chase to Torrie.He caught up, grabbing her by the back of her hair and pulling her to the ground.Kelly jumped on his back, punching his head, trying to get her arms around his big neck to choke him out.He reached around, pulling Kelly by her hair and flung her forward.He lunged after her, only to be stopped by Torrie.She was on top of him, punching wildly.“Go!Get them out of here!” Torrie yelled.“But – ”“Leave!Go!” “I’ll come back for you,” Kelly promised, getting in the driver side of the filled-to-the brim Escalade and speeding off.Fat Rob punched Torrie in the gut, still grabbing her hair.“Get up.We’re leaving,” he dragged her back inside.“Where is she?” the Japanese business man asked Fat Rob when he returned, referring to Kelly.Fat Rob punched the man, knocking him out, in anger.He saw the damage left by Kelly.His men and clients were either asleep, falling asleep, or too drunk to do anything.He roared and tossed Torrie onto a table.He threw chairs, trashed the bar, and attacked one of his drunken employees, taking keys from him.His world was falling apart.Punching Torrie across the face, cutting her cheek, he flung her over his shoulder, and left.Chapter 5Kelly drove as fast as traffic would allow her.She was driving to the police precinct nearest to Fat Rob’s building – the one she instructed Eddie to go to.“Out! Move it!” she ordered the women.“There’s no one here,” one of them stated.“Bang on the door, there should someone there.If not, look around.There’s a restaurant across the street, a tavern over there, go somewhere you can call 911.I’ve got to go get Torrie and my son.”Kelly sped back to Fat Rob’s building.Her assumption was he’d be there, hiding at the top.She would find Nate, send him out there, and then go get Torrie.Kelly grit her teeth, arriving at the parking lot to Fat Rob’s building.She saw his Escalade, door open, parked adjacent to the front entrance.She saw two of his men, employees that didn’t attend the event, on either side of the entrance.She took a deep breath and floored it.The men jumped out of the way of the speeding Escalade just before it crashed through the huge glass doors.Kelly drove it all the way to the back of the lobby, running through and over Fat Rob’s new security guard, pinning and smashing him against the back wall.The two men out front drew their guns, and cautiously approached the Escalade.The front was smashed,国模吧 windshield broken, a dead man on the damaged hood.There was a motionless, seemingly unconscious, blonde woman at the steering wheel.The man on the driver’s side opened the door.It was unhinged from the crash and fell to the lobby floor.Kelly used that as a distraction, coming out of her faked unconsciousness, kicking the man in the groin, grabbing his gun and shooting him.She fell out of the car, laying on her stomach and shot across the Escalade, several shots hitting the other man on the passenger side.His fell to the floor, his feet and knees injured, where Kelly shot him once more in the side of the head.She was out of ammo.She searched both men, grabbing the fully loaded gun of one and a spare magazine on another.With both guns loaded and drawn, Kelly kicked off her high heels, and ascended the stairs.****Nate was hiding in the fourth floor women’s restroom.Kelly slowly opened the door from the stairs, peering down the hall.Sneaking toward the women’s restroom, sticking to the wall, she controlled her breathing.She rounded a corner and nearly gasped.Five of Fat Rob’s men were exiting an apartment.“Nothing in there,” one of them said.“Keep moving, he wants us searching all of them for anything we can find.”Kelly’s heart beat once again when the voices got fainter.She peeped around the corner; they were further away, but much closer to the restrooms.She decided to make a break to the abandoned apartment, the door left wide open.Quickly rounding corner, she tip-toed to it.One of the men saw movement in his peripheral vision.“Oh shit!” he drew his weapon, Kelly was already firing hers.Three men went down, two remained, firing upon Kelly.She ducked into the open apartment and waited at a bedroom, having plain sight of the front door.One of them appeared in the doorway, Kelly fired, chastising herself for giving the second man an opportunity.She kept firing anyway, killing the first man. The second man appeared, gun raised, Kelly sat on the carpet, back against the wall.The second man entered, firing blindly into the apartment, hoping to hit something.Kelly waited for the gunfire to end, before firing around the door frame.He ducked and Kelly rolled out of the bedroom, into the kitchen.He fired a few more times and hit Kelly.The bullet grazed her thigh.It wasn’t bad, but she was bleeding.She shook it off, hiding behind a big trash can in the kitchen.She pushed it over, rolled away and fired on the man.His attention was on the trash can, he didn’t see Kelly.She shot him in the chest.She searched the downed men, adding their ammunition magazines to her guns and purse.She made her way toward the women’s restroom but in her excitement to see Nate she didn’t notice an apartment door to her left was open.Kelly was tackled, losing grip of her weapons, by a large man – the man that roughed up her son.“You and your little bitch of a son, causing all sorts of problems,” he said, pinning Kelly down.“Fat Rob told us to keep an eye out for you.He’s up top with that slut Torrie.I’ll bring you to him and he’ll – ”A knife entered the man’s throat from behind, severing his jugular and vocal chords.It was a small paring knife; the knuckles of the hand gripping it were white with rage.Kelly watched the knife exit the man’s neck, blood spurting.Nate pushed him off his mom and went into a rage, jumping on top of the man he stabbed, stabbing him over and over again, the knife going into his face, his neck, his chest.“Nate!” Kelly stopped him, pulling him off the man, Nate managing to kick his dying body in the groin.“Nate!” Kelly dragged him to the floor, climbing on top of him.“Stop!Please.”“Mom,” her angry son, tears streaming down his face, looked to her eyes.“It’s ok, I’m here.We’re leaving.You first, I’ll go and get Torrie, then join you,” Kelly said.“Mom, I – ”She kissed him hard, got off him and pulled him up.“Follow me.”They made their way down to the second floor.Kelly shot a locked apartment door open and moved to the window.“Perfect.”“What?”She shot the large window, busting the glass, making an opening for her.She looked over the edge into a swimming pool below.The water was dirty, murky, and leaf-filled.“What are you doing?” Nate asked.“I need your help with something,” Kelly said.“Anything.”Kelly took the matchbook out of her purse, along with nail polish.She tore a strip of her dress away, making it a couple inches shorter.She poured nail polish onto the cloth and handed the items to Nate.“What do you want me to do with this?”“Open the gas cap of the Escalade I crashed in the lobby downstairs.Feed this into it, light it, and run,” Kelly explained.“Wait, Mom, that’s – ”“Going to explode?Yep.It’ll take a little bit, but this nail polish should ignite and speed things up.”“But what about you?”“I have to get Torrie.She’s in the penthouse.”“No, leave her, I mean, she – ”“I can’t.She needs to be with her son.Her and Eddie are,” Kelly paused, smiling a bit, “lovers.”“Yeah I know, she told me.”“I want them to be together, away from this place, happy.Understand?”“I guess, yeah,” Nate said.“Good.I’ll get her, if the flames are too high we’ll come to this apartment and jump out the window into the pool down there.”Nate shook his head, “Mom.”“I’m making things right.Trust me.Now go!”“Alright,” he took off for the stairs.“Nate!” his mother called out to him.He turned around only to be met by another kiss, longer, more intense than previous ones.He instinctively put his hands on her waist, pulling her close to him.Kelly broke the kiss, out of breath, whispering “I’m making things right.Go.”Chapter 6Kelly ignoring the pain in her thigh, raced up the stairs.Between the seventh and eighth floor she saw the door to the eighth open, she kept running, guns drawn and opened fire.Several of Fat Rob’s men, taken by surprise, unable to return fire in time, went down.Kelly kept firing into the eighth floor until she was empty and everyone was motionless.She was reloading as she stood in the open doorway when she was grabbed from behind by a huge man.Cursing herself for not hearing him, blaming her ringing ears, he grabbed her, shaking her, banging her against the wall.Her guns dropped, and he flung her against a vase containing a large plant in the hallway.In the lobby Nate was at the crashed Escalade.He opened the fuel door and was feeding the nearly dry strip of his mother’s dress into it.Only a small piece of the dress visible, he lit it up with a match, and ran.“Please work, please work,” he said, arriving outside, ducking behind an arrangement of shrubbery in the parking lot.Kelly was dodging the man’s blows.She kicked him, he caught her foot, pulling her close to him.“I’m going to enjoy this,” he sneered.He slammed her into the men’s room door, Kelly punching at his head.She managed to wrap her legs around his waist, squeezing as hard as she could with her thighs.Her punches finally weakening him, he slammed her against a toilet stall.She went to her feet and he punched her across the face, pushing her away.He lunged at her, she moved, he caught her foot, tripping her.Kelly kicked at his head, it was no use.He was too big and burly to bring down with Kelly’s level of strength.He picked her up, swung her around and threw her against the large mirror, causing it to crack and crumble, glass landing and shattering all around and on Kelly.He grabbed her by her neck, holding her against the broken mirror.“Please work, come on!” Nate waiting outside.Nothing was happening.He stood, inching closing, “Maybe the cloth when out.”Nate took another step toward the building.The Escalade exploded, sending glass and debris out into the parking lot.Nate quickly ducked back behind the shrubbery and waited.The man was choking Kelly. She was reaching with her right hand for a shard of glass.Finding one, she gripped it tightly, cutting her hand, not caring and jammed the shard into his eye.He roared in pain, releasing Kelly.She kicked him off her, then kicked him again and again until he fell backward into the nearest stall.She grabbed another glass shard, this one plunging into his neck, his blood spurting everywhere, finally settling and flowing into the toilet his head was resting on.As Kelly stood, looking on his lifeless body the lights went out, the emergency ones coming on, flashing around her.The fire sprinkler system came on next, raining down on Kelly.She sighed, shaking her head.“Fuck you,” she said to the defeated opponent.Kelly found her dropped gun.She had six rounds left in the magazine.Her thigh, face, and cut hand bleeding, she ascended the stairs, up several floors to Fat Rob’s penthouse – hopefully to find Torrie.****“You heard that gunfire?” Fat Rob asked Torrie.She was tied up, bent over a table, he was behind her, naked, raping her.“My men are going to bring your friend Kelly here.I’m going to finish you, then her,” Fat Rob glanced to the gun on floor near his feet.“No you won’t,” a voice echoed through his penthouse.It was Kelly, blood dripping from the gun she was aiming at Fat Rob’s head.Fat Rob watched her make her way through his living room, now drenched from the sprinklers above.“Miss Kelly,” he kept pummeling Torrie from behind.“I suspected you were up to something.I figured you were involved with all this.After I executed Wayne, you became distant,” Fat Rob added, referring to his former lawyer.Fat Rob stopped, pulled out of Torrie, slowly stepping away, his hand resting on a small chair.“I never should’ve invited you here and I never should’ve suggested you bring your son here – to see how much of a slut his mother was.”Torrie’s wrists were burning, the rope scraping skin as she struggled to free her wrists.Fat Rob glanced to his gun again.“I should’ve known if we roughed him up a bit I’d have to deal with an angry mother.”Fat Rob was standing behind Torrie again, he pulled her up by her hair, not noticing her wrist was almost free from rope.He leaned down, grabbing his gun, using Torrie as a shield.He shoved her to the side, aiming his weapon right back at Kelly now.“I never suspected you’d be capable of this though,” Fat Rob said, he and Kelly circling slowly.“I figured you were like all the other women I bring here – whores, leaving their husbands.”“Yeah, well, I haven’t been married in years,” Kelly admitted.“This ring?A friend gave it to me.Know why?”Fat Rob shook his head, confused.“I was an undercover cop assigned to get close to you.My friend knew you love married women, so she gave me her old ring to trick you, to speed up getting close to you.It worked.I was too lonely, horny, as a single mom, I became addicted to your world and lifestyle.I even brought my son to live here, only fully realizing my failure when I saw you kill your lawyer.”“See?I knew something was off with you, Miss Kelly.I knew I should’ve disposed of you long before tonight.I could’ve sold your boy off to Thailand.They could’ve turned him into a lady-boy, he could suck dick for a living,” Fat Rob mocked her.“You piece of shit,” Kelly almost pulled the trigger.“I agree,” Torrie, her wrists free, appeared behind Fat Rob, slamming the small wooden chair into his back.He fell forward to a knee, Kelly opened fire.Five bullets entered Fat Rob’s body.Two entered his testicles, causing them to explode, another entered the tip of his penis, splitting it down the middle, and the fourth bullet flew through the middle of his shaft, cutting it in half, landing in his inner thigh.A final bullet landed at the base of his cock causing, what remained of his penis, to be severed from body.It was like a shotgun blasting a watermelon, pieces went everywhere.Blood poured from the wound as Fat Rob crawled away from Kelly.“Well that’s one way to blow a cock,” Kelly said, walking over to him.“Off that is,” she added, pulling him up, slamming him against the window.“Good one liner,” Torrie said behind her.“Thanks,” Kelly aimed the gun at Fat Rob’s forehead.“Do it!” Fat Rob ordered her.Kelly thought about Fat Rob’s face from her dream.She slowly moved the gun away from his forehead.She saw the look of man who was seeing all the sins he committed, all the marriages he broke up, and all the women he used and abused in his life.His eyes filled with tears, his lip quivering.Kelly brought the gun up and fired.The bullet entered and shattered the glass window behind him.“Goodbye Fat Rob,” Kelly said, her hand rearing back, her fist landing on his nose, causing him to fall backward, out of the window.Kelly watched him fall ten stories below, hitting the pavement with a loud splat sound.Torrie joined Kelly by her side.Kelly put her arm around Torrie’s naked waist, the two women seeing the mess of Fat Rob’s corpse on the concrete below.“Your aim is terrible.You shot five times and didn’t kill him,” Torrie said.“No.My bullets landed exactly where I wanted them to.Let’s get out of here,”Kelly replied.Kelly and Torrie left his penthouse, Kelly stepping on a remnant of Fat Rob’s testicle, feeling it squish under her bare feet.Chapter 7The two women ran down the stairs of Fat Rob’s building.The smoke was getting thicker and thicker as they descended.As Kelly predicted, the first floor was completely in flames.Closing the door, they were unable to go anywhere but up.Kelly pushed open the second floor door, coughing.She led Torrie to the apartment she was with Nate in earlier.Flames were already making their way up the wall of the hallway.She pushed through the smoky living room, to the bedroom where the window was shot out.The floor was burning hot on their feet.“Jump!” Kelly ordered Torrie.“What?”“To the swimming pool, now!”“But – ”Kelly pushed Torrie out of the window, seeing her land in the pool – barely.“That was close.Sorry!” She called to her friend from above.Kelly took a few steps back, getting a running start.Just as she took off, the floor gave out, flames flying into the room from below.Kelly was hanging on the edge of the apartment floor. She pulled herself up, hugging the window.The floor was giving way to the fire.She kept moving to her left, jumping over to solid floor.The problem was that it was in front of a perfectly intact window and she had no ammo left.“This is going to hurt,” she said, getting as much room as possible.Another wall gave out to her right, beams fell around her; she sprinted for the window.Kelly burst through, tearing, cutting her dress at the shoulders, cutting her forearms and back, but she made it.She landed in cold water, Torrie swimming over to her.“You hurt?” Torrie asked.“My arms, but I’m ok,” Kelly answered.Torrie climbed out of the water, assisting Kelly.They limped out of the pool area, walked around the front of the building and saw fire trucks, police cars all waiting.They saw something else too, something far better – their sons.Torrie ran over to Eddie.He threw his arms around her nude body, lifting her up, swinging her around.Nate ran to his mother, holding her, looking over her torn and fire singed dress.“Mom, are you ok?” he asked, hands combing through her wet hair.“I’m fine,” Kelly smiled back.He hugged her tightly, holding her against his warm body.Kelly watched Torrie and Eddie kissing like lovers several feet away.Paramedics rushed to Torrie, throwing a blanket around her.They did the same to Kelly.She held Nate’s hand as they walked.Kelly saw her Captain, the man who originally sent her on this failed undercover assignment over a year ago.He took off his hat, and nodded to her.“Maybe it wasn’t such a failure after all,” Kelly thought.Sitting in the back of an ambulance, the EMTs looked Kelly over.She’d need stitches and an x-ray of her arms.Torrie got in the back too; she was beaten and banged up from Fat Rob.“I’ll meet you there,” Nate said, backing away from the ambulance.Kelly smiled, shaking her head, extending her bloody hand to Nate.He grabbed it and climbed aboard.Kelly sat in his lap, Nate holding his mother tightly.They were silent, sharing an occasional peck on the lips and smiles.She was in the hospital until the next day; her left forearm was slightly fractured.The doctor did one final examination of the cast the next morning, before they checked out.While they waited, she held Nate’s hand.“I don’t really feel like going back to our home.You’ve missed starting college this semester, but there’s always next year.Would you be ok waiting another year?” Kelly asked.“I don’t mind.I’m glad we’re out of that building, away from all that.”“Yes I know.I’m going to call Trina.Maybe we can stay with her for a while.”“Sure, Mom, that’d be nice.”Nate hugged his mother, careful not to hurt her arm.When the hug ended, they stared into each other’s eyes, inching closing, her eyes glancing at his lips.The nurse interrupted them.****They never made it to Trina’s house in North Carolina.A week later, after police paperwork, questioning, and packing, Kelly found herself in another home.She was standing on her new bedroom’s balcony, with a perfect view of the ocean.Turning to her left, she saw her sister Trina, sitting on someone’s lap – her son, Richie’s.She was wearing his boxer shorts and t-shirt, wrapped in a blanket.They were smiling, laughing, kissing.Kelly watched them for a while.Her other roommate was a woman she recently met a couple of days ago, when Kelly and Nate moved into the home.It was her half-sister Julie.Kelly could immediately see that Julie and her son Ray were lovers, they didn’t feel the need to be discreet, like Trina still did.Nate had his own bedroom.Kelly went there, knocking.“Come in,” Nate said.Kelly entered, hugging him again.“I think we need to talk tonight,” Kelly suggested.“About what?”“I don’t know,” Kelly told a half-truth.“Everything, I guess.”“Mom,” Nate kissed her head.“We don’t have to talk about how bad you feel again.I know you’re sorry.I know you regret moving us there, but we’re here now.”“I know,” Kelly backed away.“Maybe I don’t talk with words.”“What do you mean?”She smiled, not answering his question.“Let’s walk on the beach after dinner, with the others, and then hang out in here some.”Nate shrugged and agreed.Chapter 8Kelly and Nate held hands walking with the other two couples from this new home.They were all quiet, the mothers holding their son’s hands or arms.They watched the sun set, all being held by their sons from behind.At the new home, Nate took a shower, while his aunts and cousins put away dishes.Trina was running her fingers through Kelly’s hair.“Once it happens, it’ll feel normal, like you should’ve done it years ago, like it was meant to be.”“Will he be scared?”“Maybe.Richie was scared it might ruin our relationship.Crossing that line though,” Trina closed her eyes, thinking of pleasurable memories.“Has made everything better.”Kelly showered next, holding her forearm out of the shower, careful not to get the cast wet.Moments later, wearing a white bathrobe, she brushed her long blonde hair.She debated putting on pajamas, chuckling softly at herself.Kelly made her way to Nate’s bedroom.“Hey,” he nodded at her, putting a few things away.“Want to help me unpack?I know you said we could hang out some tonight.”“No,” Kelly sat on his bed.“I want to apologize again.”“Mom,” Nate approached her.“We’ve been over this.You said you were sorry, you said you made mistakes, but you’ve made them right.We’re out of that building, we’re here, I can start college next year.”“I know, but I still feel guilty.I want to make things right without words,” Kelly stood in front of Nate.“What do you mean?”Placing her hand on his t-shirt covered chest, she stepped forward and kissed him on the lips.“Ok,” Nate said.“That was – ”“Nice?”“Yes, thank you, now,” Nate turned to his right.“I was thinking of putting this box – ”His mother interrupted him, pulling his face to her once more, kissing him again – much longer than before.“Mom,” Nate whispered.“I don’t think this is a good idea.”“I told you I want to make things right.You mean more to me than anything; I failed at being a mother, at being there for you.We can be like Torrie and Eddie here.No one will care.I can show you how sorry I am and how much I love you every day.”“But it’s just not normal.”Kelly paused, “Do you want to kiss me?”Nate sighed, nodding his head “yes.”“We can do more if you want.If you want to, only for tonight though, and then never again.It’s up to you.”“I, I don’t know.”Kelly stepped away from Nate, closing his door.She approached him again; he put his hands on her waist.“Kiss me?” she asked.Nate took a deep breath, and did as he was asked.Their eyes closed when their lips touched, tingles went down Kelly’s neck, back, and to her ass.Their legs became weak, instinctually making them want to lie on his bed.Nate ended the kiss, catching his breath.“Mom, this is, this is crazy,” he whispered.“But nice.”Kelly nodded, taking a step back, her heart pounding, eyes glued to her son’s.Not taking her eyes off his, she removed the bathrobe.Nate gasped, looking over her naked body before him.She stepped closer, grabbing his hands to bring them to her waist once more.She caressed his face and kissed him again.More tingles, more electricity went surging through their bodies.Kelly’s tongue gently lapped at Nate’s lips.She pulled up his t-shirt, lips still locked with his.Ending the kiss, she gestured for him to put his hands above his head so she could pull his shirt off.“It’s very nice.”Kelly kissed at his neck, his bare chest, his stomach.“Mom, I – ”“Shhhh,” Kelly going to her knees, tugging at Nate’s sweat pants.“I, uh,” Nate glanced to the bulge tenting his pants.“It’s ok, I want you to be excited,” Kelly said, hooking her thumbs in his pants, pulling them and his boxers down.His erect cock popped up.Kelly stared at it, admiring it, biting her bottom lip.“Sweetie, this is,” she studied the tip.“This is wonderful.”Nate watched his mother admire him, feeling her hot breath on his cock.Seeing his erect dick directly in front of her, inches from her mouth, Kelly felt the guilt of her past mistakes slowly drain away.She took a deep breath, glanced to Nate one last time, and then devoured him.Sucking and slobbering all over his cock, her drool hanging from her chin, hanging from his balls, Kelly worshiped his cock, far more than any of Fat Rob’s clients or Fat Rob himself.“I should’ve done this all along.I should’ve a while back.I should’ve never moved him into that tower,” she thought, her hand jacking his shaft, while she sucked his impressive cockhead.“M-Mom,” Nate winced, looking away from her.Kelly stood, grabbing his head, looking into his eyes.“Bed.Ok?”Nate nodded, his mother sitting him on the edge.She grabbed the base of his cock, climbed on the bed, straddling him, while guiding him into her all the way.Kelly sat on him, “Oh Nate,” she moaned, holding him.He held her back, his hand roaming over her naked body, head resting against her shoulder.Kelly closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of Nate inside her.She wiped her mouth, “May I kiss you again?”“Uh sure.”“Well, I didn’t know if you thought tasting your own penis would be yucky,” Kelly shrugged.“It was in my mouth and all.”“I think we’re way past things that could be considered yucky.I’m inside you.”“I know.It feels wonderful.”“Yes it does.And yes, I’d like to kiss more,” Nate answered.Kelly devoured him again, this time her mouth on his.He forgot she was his mother, she forgot he was her son.She was also slowly forgetting all her failures over the past year or so.His hands cupped her ass, she slowly gyrated her hips against him, his cock still embedded in her. Still kissing one another, as Kelly ground against him, his hands squeezed and massaged her toned ass.Kelly ended the kiss, her forehead against Nate’s.“Nate, I’m think I’m,” Kelly arched her back, her breasts banging against Nate’s chin.She was cumming hard.Harder than ever before, harder than with any client, harder than with Fat Rob and his fat cock.Kelly’s eyes fluttered to the back of her head, she shook in Nate’s arms.He watched his mother climax, feeling the orgasm course through her tightening body.“Oh Nate!” she said throwing her arms around him when it was over, they held each other for several silent, sweet moments.“Lay on your back,” Kelly said a few moments later.Nate held her and scooted back on the bed.Kelly immediately found his face again, kissing him passionately.As they kissed, she slowly squatted up and down on his cock.She guided his hands to the bed, pinning them there, and increased her speed, looking into his eyes.Up and down she slammed herself on his cock, his big new bed squeaking every time his mother landed on him.“I’m making things right,” Kelly said, her eyes ordering him to cum.“Yes!” Nate agreed, his balls tightening, his cock ready to burst and flood her.Overpowering her, he broke free, sitting up, no longer pinned down.He wrapped his arms around his mother, holding her, causing her to stop squatting on him.Nate stared into her eyes and thrust upward.“I love you,” Kelly said.That sent Nate over the edge.He grabbed her face, moaned, touched her forehead with his and unleashed his load, filling her pussy with his seed.“Ahhh Nate!” Kelly cried back, shivering and climaxing with pleasure when his cum bathed the walls of her pussy.Nate collapsed on the bed, taking Kelly with him – holding her, running his hands through her hair, kissing her head.Kelly felt at peace with everything.She no longer blamed herself or felt guilt, rationalizing that her and Nate might never have crossed this line if she never made her mistakes.She would’ve missed out on the most loving and wonderful experience, aside from giving birth to Nate, that she’s ever known.When her breathing and heart rate returned to normal, Kelly spoke up.“Thank you.We don’t have to do this anymore, if you don’t want.”“I don’t know, Mom.I’m sure I can find some lingering anger toward you.You and I may have to do this again,” Nate joked.Kelly rose up, resting her cast-covered forearm on Nate’s chest.“I think that’s a great idea.”Chapter 9A few hours later, just before midnight, Nate was behind Kelly.He was huffing, panting, going as fast as he could – fucking her.She was on all fours in front of him, neck arched, back slick with their sweat.The sounds of Nate’s hips slamming into his mother’s ass filled the room.Kelly was cumming again.“Yes!Harder!” Kelly demanded.Nat obliged, gripping her hips hard, slamming into her with all his might.He slapped her ass, impaled her one last time, and flooded her pussy with cum.Both were still as his cocked pumped its semen into her, pulsating inside her, making her his once again.An hour later, they were holding one another, kissing.“You think you’d ever be a cop again?” Nate asked his mom.“Nope.I was fired, remember?I suppose I could in a small town somewhere.But I want to stay here with you, in this house,” Kelly answered.“I guess the others are like this too.”“They are.Maybe this runs in the family.”“I want to keep doing this,” Nate kissed her head, Kelly running her good hand over his body.“I’ve forgiven you.Have you forgiven yourself?”“No, I haven’t,” Kelly said, getting off Nate.“I think I need a shower.Maybe I’ll find a way to get rid of remaining guilt in there.”Kelly winked at her son, and left his room.The steam from the hot shower enveloped them.Nate was behind Kelly, her cast held high over her head, hanging out of the glass shower stall to avoid water.“Oh Nate, yes, yes,” she turned her head, looking over her shoulder, kissing him as he made love to her.“I want, I want to,” Nate said.“Want to what?Say it.”“I want to eat your pussy,” Nate blurted out, hoping that it was ok to speak like that to his mother.Kelly didn’t answer.She turned around, kissing Nate hard, her tongue swirling around his.“Take me to bed then.”Nate turned off the shower, picked his wet mother up, and plopped her on her bed.“This will be your room too, by the way,” Kelly said, going to all fours.“Now lick me.Everywhere.”Her ass high in the air for Nate, he dug in, his tongue lapping up her pussy, kissing along her ass crack, and swirling all around her puckered hole.Kelly moaned, clinching the sheets like a cat stretching and pawing at carpet.Nate flipped her over to her back, resuming his tongue assault.“So good, so good,” Kelly whispered through ragged breath.“Just like that.Move your tongue all around inside me.”“Mmmm,” Nate moaned, parting her pussy lips, driving his tongue as far as he could inside her beautiful, soaking wet, all for him, love hole.They continued on until morning, worshiping and servicing one another.****Trina, Richie, Julie, and Ray were at the small breakfast table, getting ready to enjoy scrambled eggs.“Smells great, Julie,” Trina said, referring to the bacon she set on the table.“Thanks,” the foursome piled their plates with food.“I’m really glad we’re here,” Trina added, placing her hand on her son’s.“I feel like we belong here.All of us.”“What about Kelly and Nate?Do you think they’ll be special like us?” Julie asked.“I’m sure over the course of a few weeks they’ll see what we’re like here and see how great it is,” Trina noted.Just then Kelly and Nate burst through the kitchen double door.They were kissing madly, Kelly straddling him.He fell backward onto the kitchen table.Kelly was riding his cock as fast and as hard as she could.They were going at it since they woke up a few minutes earlier, fucking out of bed, into the hallway, oblivious to everything and everyone.The table excused themselves, giggling at the site of the two lovers.Julie gasped when her kitchen table broke from the weight of Kelly and Nate.Crashing to the floor, Nate held Kelly close.Scrambled eggs and bacon when flying, some of it landing on Kelly’s ass.Trina’s son, Richie, poked a piece of egg on his aunt’s ass with his fork, putting it on his plate.“Sorry.We, uh, we got carried away,” Kelly apologized.She got off Nate, pulling him to his feet.“We’ll clean everything.“It’s fine, Kelly,” Julie said, hugging her half-sister.“I should’ve bought a better table.Let’s leave you two alone.”Kelly nodded, watching Julie and Ray leave.Trina approached her, hugging her next.“I knew it was just a matter of time.”Kelly and Nate embraced, laughing at the mess they made.That night, in Kelly’s, and now Nate’s bed, the two lovers rolled around, kissing, making love.Down the hall, Trina and Richie were doing the same thing.Further down the hall, Julie and Ray were as well.“I love you,” Kelly said, eyes closed, while Nate kissed her neck.She ran her fingers through his hair, “so much.”“I love you too,” Nate said, on top his mother, rolling his hips, driving his cock in deep.All the guilt she felt for her failures as a cop, failures as a mother, were made right.They were made right over and over and over again, in an endless, ongoing love-making sessions, only ending when they fell asleep.All day, night, during meals, while bathing, while doing house work, Kelly made things right again and again.All the women in the home were constantly naked, constantly making love to their men – men they gave birth to.Kelly rolled on top, kissing Nate, looking into his face.She didn’t see a face recounting sins or crimes before death, or a judgmental one full of anger toward her – she saw a face full of unconditional love.She would make sure to bring pleasure to it as long as possibleThe end.


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