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she clutched it曰批全过程免费视频在线观看网站

Author’s note:This one gets a little weird.I implore you to read until the end.Everything will make sense at the end.You’ll see.Edited by:Todger65Self Fulfilling NightmareChapter 1Mi’elle arched her back, her blue eyes rolling into the back of her head.Her naked, sweaty body was shaking, coming down off another orgasm.The campfire outside the entrance of her tent was still going strong, illuminating her muscular body with a faint orange glow.Her long black hair dripped sweat onto her toned ass.The man Mi’elle was straddling, cupped her breasts, sat up and kissed along her neck.She needed this.She needed to feel a man inside her.It had been far too long.Mi’elle was nearly done with her long journey home to her beloved.Oh how she missed him!He would understand her desires, her need for sex during their occasional bouts many days apart.Their love was like no other, one-of-a-kind, unconditional.Mi’elle wondered if he’d taken a temporary lover in her absence.If so, she would meet her and thank her for taking care of her beloved.The man smiled, bringing Mi’elle’s mouth to his own, their tongues invading each other’s mouths again.He broke the kiss, leaning back, his hands gliding over Mi’elle’s washboard stomach. “Good?”“Very.I must admit, Ul’sses, I’m getting tired.I have a long journey before me,” Mi’elle said, looking into the man’s dark eyes.His thumb rubbed her lips.There was something odd about this man.Skin as dark as his eyes, braided black hair, a perfectly sculpted, muscular body, he didn’t just fuck her; he made love to her.The odd part is that they recently just met – shortly after Mi’elle set up camp for the night.Her horse, Perfection, usually neighed when strangers approached.The stallion was quiet, somewhere in the woods behind the camp, presumably grazing.A shirtless Ul’sses entered her camp, hands raised, apologizing to Mi’elle, asking her to put her two-handed sword down.There was a calming aura about him.She could see he meant no harm.Ul’sses claimed he saw an unusual sight and that as a druid, he had to make sure the forest was protected.Mi’elle believed him, apologizing for drawing her weapon.They sat, talked about her journey home, and shared a small dinner.When Ul’sses made to take his leave, Mi’elle invited him to stay.A sweet and gentle smile came over his face while watching Mi’elle remove her bulky armor in her tent.Several hours later, Mi’elle sweaty and exhausted, countless orgasms having washed over her, moved in front of Ul’sses.She turned around, presenting herself to him, nodded over her shoulder.“Are you sure you want me to finish?” he asked, having lasted hours without cumming.“Yes,” Mi’elle chuckled.“I need some sleep before I start my journey through the valley.”Ul’sses frowned, looking down, “I understand.”Mi’elle rose up, looking over her shoulder at Ul’sses.She kissed him, slowly savoring one another.It felt so natural, like they knew each other for years.Back on her hands and knees, Mi’elle moaned when Ul’sses entered her from behind.His large hands slid up her back, over her muscles, ending up in her hair.He slowly pulled her back against his body and thrust into her lovingly.“Have I met him before?Does he know me?” Mi’elle thought; her eyes rolling into the back of her head as this mystery man, this new friend made love to her.Ul’sses kissed at her neck and shoulders, his hands massaging her breasts, working closer to his orgasm – finally.“Ahh, Mi’elle!” He groaned, pushing her back to her hands, gripping her hips.“Yes!” She cried out, feeling his thick cock pulsate inside her pussy.“Ughhh,” Ul’sses arched his back, looking to the ceiling of the tent, filling Mi’elle with his seed.They collapsed on one another, Ul’sses still inside her, her pussy oozing his cum.He rolled to his side, Mi’elle rolling with him, her head resting on his chest.They kissed for several minutes before Ul’sses seemingly drifted off to sleep.She watched him, perplexed, yet enthralled by this man.She left the tent.Mi’elle walked by the crackling fire, letting the cool night breeze dry off her sweaty body. Her long, flowing black hair fanned outward in the wind. She stood on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the valley she was to traverse in the morning. She could barely make out the trees in the light of the full moon. She was so close to her beloved she could taste him, his mouth, his cock, and his seed.She missed him so very much.Mi’elle closed her eyes, imagining seeing her beloved, kissing him, removing her armor for him, when she was distracted from her trance.“If you’re heading down there tomorrow, you need to be careful,” Ul’sses said from behind. He was sitting on a rock, looking out into the darkness as well.“I will, thank you,” Mi’elle replied, smiling at her new friend.“There are quite a few dangers that lurk in that valley. Cursed, insane druids, for one. They are unable to turn back into their human forms. They become confused, unable to climb out of the valley, too confused to fly out. They are trapped there,” Ul’sses explained.“I’ll be cautious. My sword is sharp.”“Mi’elle, your horse may not be able to climb out.” Ul’sses stepped closer to Mi’elle, the same sweet smile never leaving his face.“I’ll find a way,” Mi’elle replied, stepping to him, her hand on his cheek. “That’s the route I need to take to get home - through that valley. I’m sure there’s a way out.”“Please be careful,” Ul’sses stepped away, heading back to her tent.He grabbed his leather leggings.“Mi’elle I have to leave,” he said, putting the leggings on.“Oh.I see,” Mi’elle replied, disappointment in her tone.Perhaps he was just a man she met, never to see again.A man who just happened to be amazing at pleasing a woman.“Will I see – ”“Yes,” Ul’sses cut her off. Without any further explanation, he left her, alone by the fire, disappearing into the dark woods behind her camp.She looked to the night sky, shaking her head.Druids were always so mysterious.Chapter 2 The next morning, after dawn Mi’elle donned her heavy, plate armor and girded on her sword. Her horse of five years, Perfection, a dark-brown stallion with a black tail and mane, was milling about in the woods behind her camp.Mi’elle whistled and Perfection happily came to her side.She hugged her best non-human friend, kissing his nose, running her fingers through his mane.“We have a long trip today.I’ll be sure to stop and rest for you,” Mi’elle hugged him again.Perfection nuzzled against her neck.They made their descent into the valley via a nearby trail. The trail was fairly steep and rocky, but eventually they made it down safely.She thought about the words of the druid Ul’sses the night before. Perched atop Perfection, she glanced at her bulky, black plate armor.It was heavy, covering everything but her head when she opted to not wear her helmet.The shoulders had large spikes protruding from them.Mi’elle recalled a memory from several days ago of head butting a large man in his chest.She was traveling through a small village and saw the man attempting to rape a woman.Mi’elle glanced at her spikey shoulders, his dried blood still there.After head butting him, she charged into him, tackling him to the ground, her spikes stabbing him.The woman thanked her and ran home, while the man rolled around in agony.Mi’elle looked at her legs next. Her feet, shins, and knees were protected with armor, but this hindered her movement even more.She recalled a situation a couple weeks earlier.Mi’elle was standing near a blacksmith’s forge, her gloves, chest piece were removed; she was only wearing her leggings and boots.A man accosted her while she was waiting for small repairs to be done.The man attempted to remove the white wrap around her breasts.She stomped on his foot, breaking a few toes in the process.She couldn’t help but chuckle.“I guess this bulky armor is good for something,” she thought to herself.A few hours later, after making her descent into the valley, following winding narrow trails, Mi’elle came to a river. There was a small waterfall, cascading into gentle rapids.“This will be a good spot to rest.” Mi’elle hopped off her dark brown horse. “I need a bath after last night.”Removing her armor, she entered the water, splashing it upward, rubbing the coolness onto her skin. Mi’elle made her way to the small waterfall, letting the cascade soak her hair and body. She smiled, closing her eyes, enjoying the sensation, thinking about last night—but also about her precious beloved.Running her hands over her erect nipples, down her tight stomach and muscular frame, she found herself aroused. Then it happened. A single splash of water bouncing off the rocks from the waterfall landed against her engorged clitoris—a wonderful little accident. Mi’elle laughed at the sensation.Turning to the small, tumbling waterfall, Mi’elle smiled, watching it bounce and flow off the rocks. “There’s a first time for everything,” she mused aloud.Grabbing low hanging tree branches on either side of the falls, she bent at the knees, slightly squatting, and thrust out her pelvis, letting the water kiss and lick at her pussy.“Yess,” she moaned, the water lapping at her body.It felt so good and refreshing.Moments later, knowing no one else was around, nor caring if there was, Mi’elle closed her eyes, letting the waterfall make love to her.“Ahh!” she cried out as her orgasm overtook her. She shook and convulsed just as she had with the druid, becoming one with nature.When it passed, she let go of the branches and went to her knees, gathering and pouring water over her head. She opened her mouth, drinking deeply from her watery lover.Making her way back to Perfection, she giggled, noticing the horse’s very large erection. “Aww, I’m sorry Perfection. Did I excite you?” Mi’elle hugged and kissed the horse’s head. “If I were a druid, I’d turn into a mare and help you out.”She re-donned her armor and sword, mounted her horse, and continued on her journey, following the river.From the shadows behind a large tree, something watched Mi’elle. It was hungry and needed a meal.Chapter 3Mi’elle doused the campfire that evening, getting ready to sleep under the stars.“This valley doesn’t seem dangerous,” she told Perfection. The horse went to his knees, lying on his stomach.“Besides, you’ll protect me, won’t you?” She joked, sliding next to him, his huge body used as a pillow.Mi’elle hated sleeping in her armor.The previous night she was naked, having sex, but in the valley she felt it’d be a better idea not to chance anything.Lying against her horse, Mi’elle peered into the dark woods, the occasional beam of moonlight shining through the over growth.She sighed, closing her eyes, right as another set were opening.In the distance, he had a perfect view of her campsite, with his glowing red eyes.He watched and waited, knowing what lie before Mi’elle on her journey through valley.He was lazy and didn’t want to work too hard for his meal.He grinned, his huge sharp teeth showing.A few hours later, the predator silently entered Mi’elle’s camp. He had been following her, watching her all day. He was quiet for such a large creature. Mi’elle’s horse never heard the feline approach.“Mmm, delicious,” the huge cat, a man, a druid, trapped in an animal form, like the ones Ul’sses warned Mi’elle about, whispered to himself. He approached Mi’elle, sniffing at her crotch, her tummy, her neck, careful to not wake her.“When the time is right,” the feline whispered. He licked at her face, eliciting a sleepy moan from Mi’elle. The druid backed away, smiling, baring his large teeth, and slunk back into the dark woods.**The next day Mi’elle continued following the small trail along the river.She and Perfection stopped to drink and rest. She ate a few bites of her rations, checked the sharpness of her sword, and continued onward. She noticed the trees becoming thicker, larger, blocking more of the sun, making it difficult for her to guess the time.She continued on later into the evening, unable to see the sun set, she kept going.Feeling tired, Mi’elle looked for a good spot to camp.Finding a small clearing, she decided to set up her tent instead.Right as she hopped off Perfection, removing her helm, she heard a loud shriek coming from behind her, startling her. It sounded as though a woman was in agony.Withdrawing her sword, Mi’elle scanned the area. She heard another scream.“Who’s there? Do you need help?” Mi’elle called out into the shaded woods for the woman. There was no reply.Mi’elle waited, the eerie feeling not going away. Several moments passed, her sword drawn, she scanned the tree line.She saw two red, glowing eyes blink at her from behind a tree.Her own eyes widened with alarm.Before she could react, a large, screaming mass barreled through the brush right at her.“Get away!” it yelled at her in a woman’s voice. But it was no woman—it was a huge, angry mass of fur. The large bear stopped a few yards from Mi’elle, growling at her, its mouth dripping saliva.“Are you a — ”“Get out of here!” the bear yelled once more. “Get away from my cubs!”“What cubs? I see no cubs,” Mi’elle replied.“You lie!” The insane druid lunged at her only to be met by Mi’elle’s sword, which impaled the bear at the shoulder.Perfection turned around, rising up on his hind legs, kicking at the bear.Seemingly feeling no pain, the bear, using her uninjured arm back-handed Mi’elle, the force sending flying against a nearby tree.The bear rose on her back legs, pawing at Perfection.He was also on his back legs, frantically kicking at the bear with his front hooves.Mi’elle shook the cobwebs from the bear’s blow and ran toward her, slamming into her back with her spiked shoulder.The bear turned around, attempting to back hand her again; Mi’elle ducked, going to her knees and piercing the bear’s belly with her shoulders.The bear let out another scream, going to all fours.Mi’elle reached for her sword, but the bear bit her left forearm.Mi’elle groaned, feeling the bear’s mouth clamp down on her armor, denting it.The bear shook her head and flung Mi’elle away, taking her armored gauntlet in her mouth.Landing against a boulder, she held her uncovered forearm, hoping her gauntlet wasn’t ruined.She watched the insane druid clamping down on her glove, crushing it, making it useless while Perfection continued punching the bear.Mi’elle yelled in anger, charging at the bear again.She ran as fast as her heavy armor could allow, and crashed into the bear sending more shoulder spikes into her side.The bear swatted at Mi’elle, missing her again.Mi’elle was able to roll as she ducked, grabbing her sword, still impaled in the bear’s shoulder.Raising her weapon above her head, the bear charged her this time, biting at her waist, tossing her in the air.When she landed, Mi’elle watched the bear charge.At the last second a pair of hind hooves smashed against the bear’s side, breaking ribs and pushing it away from Mi’elle.Mi’elle took her chance, charging again, this time with her sword.She stabbed the disoriented bear in her side, sending her huge blade directly through the bear’s ribs, lungs, and into its heart.Catching her breath, she examined her armor near her waist.There were dents from the bear’s teeth, the bottom harness was damage, but the chest piece remained intact for the most part“You saved my life,” she whispered to her steed, having never seen him fight like that before. Mi’elle stood, running her hands up and down his long face. “Thank you.”The mysterious feline, watched from the distance, in the shadows, licking his lips, biding his time.Chapter 4The following night was especially humid.After a sleepless night, the screams of the bear echoing in her ears, Mi’elle took out her damaged gauntlet from Perfection’s bag.She salvaged it from the previous night.She shook her head in annoyance.The day was long and dark, barely able to tell it was daytime.Mi’elle sat on a rock, poking a fire.She stood and removed her remaining gauntlet, shoulder armor and chest piece.“There, that’s better,” she said.“We’ll rest a bit and continue on.I want to get out of this valley.”The feline stalker visited once again.As Mi’elle slept against Perfection, her sword in hand, he licked at her exposed stomach, then left as quietly as he arrived.She woke up this time, her fingers touching the saliva on her stomach, not sure what to make of it.Mi’elle shook her head.Glancing around the forest, seeing nothing in the blackness, she stood, putting her damaged chest piece and shoulder armor back on.She woke up Perfection, and they left, not caring about getting a decent amount of sleep.A few hours later, Perfection was carrying a sleeping Mi’elle on his back through gloomy, dark woods.She stirred to life when she thought she heard a howl of some sort.Giving up from fighting sleep, she leaned forward, her head resting on the back of Perfection’s neck.Moments or hours passed, Mi’elle didn’t know.She was woken by growls, snarls, and Perfection galloping as fast as he could.To her left and right were wolves, their eyes glowing red, chasing them, nipping at Perfection and Mi’elle dangling boots.She drew her sword, and using her unarmored hand, Mi’elle found she could swing it with ease.Her powerful strong arms slicing at a drooling mad druid in the form of a wolf.“Don’t stop, keep going,” she said to Perfection, as if the horse would ever stop.Mi’elle swung again slicing the throat of another wolf.The wolves were catching up, Perfection was tiring.Mi’elle couldn’t hold them off forever.They were smartly avoiding Mi’elle left swinging arm, targeting her right boot instead.She switched hands, but swinging the large sword quickly with her armored right hand wasn’t easy or effective.Then it happened, a wolf got lucky.It bit her right boot, dragging her off Perfection.Mi’elle tumbled and rolled with the wolf, watching her horse gallop on without her on him.They converged on Mi’elle, biting at her, attacking her.She did her best to huddle into a ball, covering her head with her armored right hand, cursing herself at leaving her helm in Perfection’s satchel.She waited, occasionally stabbing at fur, whenever she got the opportunity; though they were relentless.They gnawed and tore at her damaged chest armor, pulling the harness back, tearing it off.Her skin was becoming exposed; she had no idea how long it would be before the cracked her armor completely – like exposing the meat of an oyster.She heard familiar galloping, hooves on ground, Perfection returning.One of the wolves howled with pain, then another, then one more.Perfection was kicking them off her.Mi’elle stood, blood trailing down the side of her face and began swinging madly and stabbing every wolf she saw.With Perfection’s assistance, they fought them off, a couple of injured ones limping away into the darkness.“That’s twice,” Mi’elle said, going to her knees, out of breath.“You’ve saved me twice.”She inspected her side, the armor was cracked, ruined, her chestpiece wouldn’t hold up much longer.Mi’elle held her side, resting her head on Perfection’s back before mounting him once more.“We have to get out of this valley.”Chapter 5Jet black, bigger than a tiger, the cursed druid watched Mi’elle’s battle with the wolves. “So hungry,” he whispered. “Keep going, you’re getting weaker, almost too weak – just how I like it.”He licked his lips, staying in the shadows, and kept following her.Mi’elle rode until dawn, or at least what she perceived as dawn.Seeing the dark grey sky, instead of black, she dismounted.She heard gurgling water nearby, to the side of the small path.“I could use a bath,” she said out loud, walking to the source of the sound.“At least rinse off a bit.”It was a stream; Mi’elle knelt before it, studying the water.There was something odd about it.A red flicker of light caught her peripheral vision.Turning to her left, she saw the light again.Mi’elle followed the stream a little ways, seeing it open into a pond.She saw the flicker of red light again; it was coming from below the surface.Kneeling once more, Mi’elle peered into the dark water.She scooped up a little, letting it flow out of her hand – it was a translucent black color.“Ugh,” she grimaced after smelling it.The water smelled like rotting flesh.Mi’elle stood, looking once more to the flickering light, seemingly closer now, from below the surface.“Is that,” she wondered out loud, squinting to see the light better.“Eyes?”Two large, thick tentacles exploded from underneath the surface, wrapping around Mi’elle’s boots, pulling her.Thinking quickly, she stabbed the earth with her sword, using it to hang on. Whatever the tentacles and red eyes belonged was trying to drag inter to water.The tentacles had suction cups on it, just like a squid or octopus.Mi’elle held onto her sword’s handle, the tentacles pulling her, lifting her off the ground.Then they stopped.She lunged forward, turned around and saw them rise in the air.She grabbed her sword, rolled and ducked out of the way.Mi’elle began running back to her horse – without her boots.She cursed out loud once more, looking to her bare feet.In a way, her boots saved her, coming off her feet while the creature was attempting to pull her underwater.She was also able to move faster without the heavy plate boots slowing her down.Mi’elle sighed, mounting Perfection.“Let’s go.”**The trees were black now, the leaves long gone, and the ground grey.There was a dense fog just above the trees, blocking out sunlight.But the lack of leaves enabled Mi’elle to at least see more of her surroundings.Traveling onward, she saw a clearing after a few miles. Guiding Perfection to it, they rested under a large rocky overhang.“Let’s rest awhile; I hear no sounds of life – no insects, no birds.There’s nothing here.We’re almost through this nightmarish valley.I’ll be home to my beloved soon,” she said, sitting against Perfection, sleep over taking her in minutes.Sleep was restless, images of gore, of mutilated animals, creeping blackness over the land filled her nightmares.Mi’elle dreamed of a giant, black, demon-like creature fucking her, spraying black semen all over.When was awoken from her nightmare by the sound of heavy breathing and movement – something was carrying her.She opened her eyes, seeing a huge mouth closed around her torso.Mi’elle looked behind her seeing her horse in the distance.She screamed to him, causing him to wake and give chase.Whatever was carrying her was faster than Perfection.It jumped up an embankment, nimbly dashing through boulders and trees.Mi’elle weapon was still at her side, she clutched it, ready to pull it out and stab whatever was carrying her.She didn’t get a chance to.The creature tossed her into a small clearing, swiping the sword away from her waist, pinning her down.It was a huge, black feline.It hovered over her, its paws pinning her hands down.It swiped at her left shoulder, tearing away the armor there, leaving a streak of four bleeding scratch marks.It swiped again at her side, tearing away what was left of her chest armor.The cat licked at her face, Mi’elle turning her head away from its huge tongue.It licked down her neck, and then swiped at the white wraps around her breasts.“Do it,” Mi’elle angrily said. “Kill me and eat me.”“I will eat you,” the druid said.“But not in the literal sense – not yet.I had a recent meal.The bear cubs were delicious.I’m eating you in another way first.My soul and brain is still that of a man’s.”The cat licked her breasts, his large tongue lapping at her nipples, covering them with saliva.Still pinning her down, he licked to her stomach, his tongue trailing over each abdominal muscle.He moved one of his giant paws to her neck while he pulled and gnawed at her leggings with his other paw and mouth.Tearing them along with the small undergarments she wore, the feline breathed in her scent.“Mmmm, yes,” he growled, lapping at Mi’elle’s exposed pussy with his tongue.“My name is Ro-nie,18禁超污无遮挡无码网址 pleased to meet you,” he smugly said.Ro-nie kept licking at her pussy, and inner thigh, all while Mi’elle searched for something with her left hand.She was feeling around for it, her head held down by the paw, facing the opposite direction.Ignoring the feeling of a big, fat cat tongue covering her entire pussy and lower abdomen as it licked her, Mi’elle found what she was looking for.It was pointy, made of iron – her shoulder armor.“You’ll love this in due time.You’ll love me,” Ro-nie said, licking away at her.His glowing red eyes caught movement, but it was too late.Mi’elle slammed her shoulder armor, as hard as she could, spike first into Ro-nie’s right eye.He roared in pain, standing on his hind legs, batting at the armor, attempting to pull it out of his eye.Mi’elle rolled and ran away.Angrier than ever, Ro-nie chased her.Without her boots, and now leg armor, she was even faster.Sprinting through boulders and dead trees, Mi’elle was able to dodge Ro-nie’s attacks and lunges almost all the way back to rock overhang.Eventually, he caught up to her, tackling her to the ground, bringing her to all fours.Ro-nie licked at her ass, swirling his tongue around her asshole.“Maybe I’ll enter here first, to punish you for taking my eye.” His large, barbed, red feline cock slid up and down her ass-cheeks.“Yesss,” Ro-nie hissed.“No, please don’t,” Mi’elle whimpered.“Perfection,” she cried.The cockhead landed against her puckered whole, barely pushing in it.“This is going to hurt, but not as bad as losing an eye,” Ro-niemocked her, rearing his hips back, ready to thrust and impale her with his cock.Perfection appeared, jumping through dead trees, turning around and kicking Ro-nie off Mi’elle with all his might.She quickly mounted him and they galloped back to where Ro-nie took Mi’elle.She needed her sword.Ro-nie beat them there, able to jump and climb over terrain much easier, he was waiting.“Charge into him,” she ordered Perfection.He obeyed and Mi’elle dismounted, rolling over several times, arriving at her discarded weapon.This distracted Ro-nie causing him to turn his attention to her.He was able to avoid the collision with Mi’elle’s horse.Without the cumbersome armor, nude save for her right shoulder and hand, Mi’elle quickly ran toward Ro-nie.As he was getting back to his feet, she charged, sword first into his open, drooling mouth, driving the blade all the way in to the hilt.She watched his remaining good eye slowly fade to black and pulled the sword out of Ro-nie.Mi’elle glanced to Perfection, gathered her nearby broken armor and loaded it into his bag.“Let’s go,” she said mounting him.“Good thing my beloved is a blacksmith.He’ll be busy for hours after he makes love to me.”Mi’elle looked over her shoulder and spit on the lifeless body of Ro-nie.She snapped the reins, her and Perfection speeding off.Chapter 6They rode for hours, for what seemed like an entire day, non-stop.Perfection never stopped, never tired, as did Mi’elle.They eventually made it to the end of the valley.There was no way out of it though.There was no path way, just a sheer, tall cliff.“No wonder the druids can’t get out of here.It’s not possible for bears, wolves, cats, to climb this cliff.We have to keep riding along this wall, there must be a path of some sort,” Mi’elle said, hopping off Perfection, looking to the high cliffs above her.“There isn’t,” a voice spoke to Mi’elle – a male voice, one she recognized.“There’s no way for me to get out of this valley.”Mi’elle’s heart was racing, her eyes wide with shock, she knew whose voice it belong to.He was someone she met just a few nights ago.Struggling to figure out how many days and nights she’s been in the valley she turned to her horse, her hand resting on his nose.“Ul’sses,” she said, nearly tearing up.“You’re Ul’sses,” Mi’elle stated, standing, facing her horse, her longtime friend.“I am,” Ul’sses replied.“You’ve been in this form all these years?”“No. I love to run. I love being outside. I also love helping people. I stayed in this form to help you when you needed a steed.Seeing you, watching you, getting to know you, I fell in love with you.”“Why didn’t you turn back into a human?” Mi’elle asked.“Because of your beloved. I would never want to come between you and him. I’ve silently watched the love you share with him bloom. I did not want to disrupt that.”Mi’elle sighed shaking her head, knowing nothing could ever tear her apart from her beloved. “But the other night, we made love.”“I know.I knew you were heading to this valley, I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn back into a man and climb out with you.So I showed you my real form, taking a chance that you’d let me make love to you before I die down here.”“No, no, you won’t die.I will get you out of here somehow, even if I have to pull you up the cliffs to do so.You saved me three times!I can save you.”“You can try, but if getting you home to your beloved means I am trapped here, while you climb out of the valley, then so be it.Your happiness is more important than my life,” Ul’sses said.“You’re wonderful, Ul’sses.” Mi’elle kissed his long head, between his eyes.Ul’sses licked at her neck, his big lips, nibbling at her jaw. “Ul’sses,” Mi’elle whispered.“Please go.Know that I’ve always loved you,” Ul’sses said.“I, I love you too.You’ve done so much for me, helping me, saving me,” Mi’elle arched her back, offering a breast to Ul’sses. He licked and nibbled at it eagerly.“I’m so sorry for keeping this a secret.If you knew I was a man, I was afraid you wouldn’t want me to be your horse anymore,” he admitted.“No, no, I’m sorry.I should’ve found another route home,” Mi’elle said.“You’re beautiful, Mi’elle,” Ul’sses said.“So are you.”“Even as a horse?I’m not a man.”“Especially as a horse,” Mi’elle replied.She kissed his nose and jaw, his huge neck, his powerful shoulders. She ran her fingers through his mane, kissing her way down his back. She nuzzled his rump.“Let me thank you for everything,” Mi’elle said, slowly going to her knees, eyes widening at the sight of his huge equine cock.“Mmmm, beautiful…” Mi’elle breathed in his scent, ducking under his stomach, grabbing his member by the base. She kissed the broad tip.“Mi’elle, please,” the druid begged. She kissed his huge cockhead again, then licked her way down to his giant hanging testicles.She said nothing, instead swirling her tongue all around his massive balls.Kissing her way back to tip, she engulfed it.It was quite difficult to get his entire cockhead in her mouth, but she opened it as wide as she could, his bulbous tip taking up her entire mouth.She sucked as fast as she could, while jacking his long shaft.Smiling at herself and moaning at the taste of Ul’sses’ equine cock.“Mmmmm,” she moaned again, Ul’sses joined her.Mi’elle had to stifle a giggle at the sound of man moaning coming from a horse.She kept going, kept jacking Ul’sses and sucking the tip.He grunted, shifting his weight on his back legs, he was cumming.“Yes!” Mi’elle cried out in her head, her mouth and throat filling with semen.The thick gooey fluid overflowed out of her mouth, dripping off her chin onto her breasts.She pulled his cock out of her mouth and laughed as it spurt several more globs of cum on her face.Wiping cum off her face and chest, Mi’elle stood in front of Ul’sses.“Now then, we’re getting out here, together.No matter what.”**They rode for another day, from one side of the valley cliff to the other.Mi’elle had several orgasms as they traveled, her clit banging against the saddle.She purposely made sure to grind against Ul’sses as he galloped.As her eyes rolled into the back of her head, another orgasm washing over her, she saw a familiar red light in the distance.It was faint, but coming out of a small cave in the cliff wall.Had Mi’elle chosen to ride this direction instead of the other way, they would’ve found it sooner.Mi’elle saw something else too.Skeletons, not belonging to humans, littered the ground near the cave.She saw movement from a small, black haired creature.She dismounted Ul’sses, grabbed her sword, and approached it.It was a goat, limping – his eyes red, his hair black.“Kill me,” she heard the goat say.“Another druid,” she said.“We all are,” the goat replied.“We?”Mi’elle was startled, gasping as a goat landed next to her, twitching for a second then going still.Another landed not far away.Mi’elle looked up, seeing movement on the cliffs.She counted several black goats attempting to traverse the rocks and climb out, only to fail, falling to their death or serious injury.“Please?End it,” the injured goat asked again.Mi’elle nodded, closed her eyes and brought her sword down on the poor creature’s neck, decapitating it.The light from the cave called her attention again.She glanced back to Ul’sses; there was no way he could fit through the opening.Something compelled Mi’elle to explore the cave.Chapter 7 Squeezing through the narrow passage ways, decaying goats along the ground, Mi’elle made her way closer to the source of the red light.As she got closer, she noticed a slight flickering, intensity of the light decreasing and increasing.She passed by another druid trapped in the form of a goat.Looking over his shoulder, into the cave, he begged her to kill it.“Kill what?” she asked, before the druid closed his eyes forever.Then the whispers started.Clutching her sword, moving closer to the source of the light, she heard someone in a familiar voice whisper in her ear.“It was your fault.You caused his death.”“Who’s there?” Mi’elle demanded.“You and me,” was the whispered reply.“You’ll never get home.You don’t deserve to.”“What?” Mi’elle snuck along a rock wall.“You don’t deserve him after what you’ve done, you’ll never leave here,” was the eerily calm whispering she heard.“No!” Mi’elle shouted in the dimly lit cave.The voice kept speaking to her, telling her everything was her fault.It sounded so familiar – a female voice.“Shut up!” Mi’elle’s yell echoed in the cave.She paused seeing a corner ahead, red light, flicking around it.Pushing caution aside, she ran toward the source.When she rounded the corner, she saw a large expanded room.The ceiling was high, 30 feet, a few, small stalactites hung from it.In the center of the room, the source of the red flickering light, was something very large and black.It spoke to her in a calm voice.“Hello, Mi’elle.”“How?” she asked.“How do you know my name?”She watched the black mass uncurl, stand, and face her.It was another goat, solid black, nearly the height of the cavernous room they were in.Mi’elle saw the source of the flickering red lights.The goat had seven eyes, three on each side of its head, one large one in the middle, all blinking out of sync.It spoke to her again, its mouth unmoving, in a calm voice, “I know everything about you.”Shaking her head in disbelief, trying to place where she heard the slightly distorted female voice, she raised her weapon.“You’re just a mad druid, like the others.”“No.I’m no druid,” the large, black goat stated.Mi’elle couldn’t tell if the voice was in her head or actually coming from the creature.“You caused your husband to commit suicide.Poor William,” the creature said.“What are you talking about?Who is William?I was never married, you insane monster,” Mi’elle said.“Of course you don’t remember him, here in this place.But you were married.You committed adultery.”“Liar!I’ve never been married, I know no Williams!”The creature remained still, seven red eyes blinking, towering in the cave.“Ah, you have your beloved now.Right?” it laughed at Mi’elle.“How do you know of him?Answer me!”“I told you, I know everything about you.”“What are you?” Mi’elle yelled.“I’m the embodiment of your biggest fears, your worst nightmares.I know that if you lost your beloved, or were never able to see him again, you’d die.That’s your biggest fear, your worst nightmare.I am here to make sure you never get home to him,” the goat-monster laughed, its huge horns scraping the ceiling when it reared its head back in laughter.Mi’elle had heard enough.She wasn’t wearing leg plates or boots, allowing her to run and move faster.Her shoulders weren’t hindered by heavy plate armor, allowing her to swing her sword harder.She wasn’t wearing gauntlets, swinging and handling her sword would be easier.She was naked, quick, and agile – she would kill this creature.Mi’elle ran toward the monster.It raised one of its front hooves, attempting to squash Mi’elle; she ducked, rolled, and sliced at the back leg.She quickly turned around, stabbing the leg once more.The creature turned, trying again, but Mi’elle was too quick.Rolling out of the way again, she sliced at the other back leg.Several more dodges, stabs and slices, and the monster roared in pain, falling to its front legs while it’s back legs spewed out black blood.It rammed its head into the ground, trying to head-butt her, failing each time, her sword slicing at its shoulder and face.Dragging itself by its front legs, it continued its assault.Mi’elle sliced it into dozens of cuts, its black blood spurting out all over the cavern and Mi’elle.The creature faked her out.It went to swipe at her with its right hoof and instead caught her with its left, knocking Mi’elle to the ground.It roared an otherworldly, eerie scream, opening its mouth.Mi’elle saw seven tongues descend upon her.They were long, thin tongues, two of them wrapping around her arms, another around a leg.One of the tongues stabbed at her body, randomly, as the other tongues held her above the cave floor.It landed against her anus, driving itself in, making Mi’elle scream with pain as it slinked its way into her colon.Two other tongues came at her too, both of them driving into her pussy, double penetrating her.She screamed again.The seventh and final tongue dove into her open mouth, sliding down her throat, silencing her.The creature paused, watching its helpless victim go still, eyes rolling into the back of Mi’elle’s head.It tongues retracting back into its mouth and it swallowed her.The monster goat didn’t realize Mi’elle was holding onto her sword, her knuckles white from gripping the handle, until it was too late; until Mi’elle sliced the creature’s throat from the inside.Its seven tongues unwrapped from her leg and arms as Mi’elle sawed through its throat.The tongue in her mouth withdrew from her throat, the ones in her pussy and asshole did the same.Mi’elle fell out of the creature’s throat, blood everywhere, landing on the cave floor below.She stood, turning to watch and listen to the monster in its death throes, bleeding out.Finally it was still.Mi’elle went to her knees, panting heavily, the grip on her sword gradually lessening, sweat and blood dripping off her onto the floor.Blackness enveloped her, as the light source of the room, the seven, red, glowing eyes faded and closed.Chapter 8She saw light coming in from outside; much more than she expected.Mi’elle crawled and limped her way, tired but victorious, through the dark toward the source.When she exited the cave, she saw human bodies, previously goats.She saw a man in the distance, limping away from her.Mi’elle looked to the sky, seeing the clouds gone, and sun shining.Then she saw another man, a beautiful sight, her friend Ul’sses.Mi’elle gave a weary smile, not wanting to hug him and getting him messy too.He didn’t care, picking her up, spinning her naked body around.“I can climb out now,” he said.“Are you ready?” he glanced over his shoulder at the bags he carried as a horse.Mi’elle nodded.Ul’sses slid his arm around her waist, assisting her with walking.He hefted the bags over his huge shoulders, and they continued on.Not far from the cave they found several small, winding paths.They were steep and tight, some spots requiring hands with opposable thumbs to pull oneself up.The climb was difficult, but they made it, collapsing on green grass on top of the cliff.They helped one another the entire way.Ul’sses did most of the work, but just as he did when in horse-form, he never gave up.They caught their breath, lying on their backs, squinting at the sun.Mi’elle rolled over, Ul’sses had his arm around her, his hand on her waist.She couldn’t help but smile, one step closer to being reunited with her beloved.The monster failed at keeping them apart.She had no idea who William was or what it was talking about, pushing those thoughts aside, she basked in the warm sun with Ul’sses.“We need to bathe,” Ul’sses sat up, chuckling.“Let’s find a good spot.”Holding hands, they walked through a field of wildflowers.It wasn’t long before they found a small pond.Kissing one another, waded out into the pond, Mi’elle laughing as she pushed Ul’sses over.She landed on top of him; they rolled around in the shallow water, their mouths connected.In a foot of water, Ul’sses, on his knees, pulled Mi’elle up to straddle him, her arms around his neck.He guided his cock inside her, resuming their passionate kisses.Breaking the kiss, he thrust upward, holding her in his arms, their eyes locked on to one another.“I’ll stay out of the way,” Ul’sses said.Mi’elle moaned, slowly rising up and down on Ul’sses’ shaft.“What?”“When we return.When you get home to your beloved.I’ll be around, but I won’t interfere.It’ll be just like before when I was only your horse,” Ul’sses said.“Ul’sses, we can still be like this,” Mi’elle said in between breaths.“No.He is the most important man in your life.You need each other.I’ll watch your love continue to grow with him, just like I’ve done the past five years.”“Ahh,” Mi’elle moaned again.“Maybe, maybe once in a while we can be like this.He won’t mind.”Ul’sses smiled, caressing Mi’elle’s cheek as he made love to her.“Once in a while.”She hugged him tightly while he kept bouncing her on his cock in the shallow pond.The sunlight kissing their skin.“You feel so good,” Ul’sses said, approaching his climax.Mi’elle bit her lower lip, kissed him, and laughed just before her own climax happened.“You feel, you’re,” she moaned loudly, “Perfection.”Ul’sses laughed, stood in the pond and continued thrusting into her, holding her by her ass.“Ahhh, Mi’elle,” he moaned; his cock erupting inside her, her pussy overflowing with cum."Ul’sses!” She cried, arching her back, her pussy spasming on his cock.He backed out of the water, kissing and licking at her breasts.He laid her on the grass, kissing at her neck, breasts, and toned stomach.He collapsed next to her. Mi’elle rolled over to face him, her hand on his cheek.Sleep found them moments later, the sun warming and drying them.Chapter 9They arrived in town several hours later.Mi’elle put on remnants of her broken armor, her chest pieces and leggings, to cover herself.The town was far busier than Mi’elle remembered it. “Where will you be?” she asked Ul’sses, in a hushed tone, so to conceal his identity.“My usual stable over there I suppose,” Ul’sses suggested.“Thank you for getting me here safely,” Mi’elle whispered, riding him through town, past the market, waving at a few people as they rode.“Thank you for letting me be your companion,” Ul’sses whispered when they arrived at the stable.“You sure you’ll be happy here?” Mi’elle whispered after dismounting him, leading the horse into the stall.Ul’sses nodded and looked around.He had a neighbor in the stall next to him – a mare.He sniffed the air, watching her pussy wink.“There’s a reason I chose to learn how to take the form of a horse,” Ul’sses whispered.Mi’elle laughed, seeing his in-heat neighbor, putting two-and-two together.“Ah, I see.Well, then, looks like you’ll be taken care of.”Mi’elle hugged him goodbye, “I’ll visit you later.”Briskly walking through the market place, Mi’elle searched for the blacksmith shop – where her beloved would be.Reaching the last shop, the one next to the leatherworking and tanning shop, Mi’elle entered it, unable to stop smiling. That’s when she saw him. Her beloved, at last.He was a younger man, busily repairing a patron’s armor.She stood still, waiting for his peripheral vision to see her.We he did, he smiled widely, setting his hammer down, rushing to her.“Mother!” he replied, arms held wide to embrace her.“My son!” Mi’elle swung her own arms around, holding him tightly against her. “I have missed you so much.”“You made it for my birthday!” he replied, kissing her forehead.“I have. Please, my darling, let us find somewhere private. I want you to make love to me. It’s been weeks.”“Yes mother,” her beloved replied. He pulled her closer, his lips moving to hers. They closed their eyes, preparing to share a lover’s kiss, their lips nearly touching…**Michelle woke, sitting up in bed, gasping for air. “Shit!” She was panting heavily, trying to remember where she was. She looked to her left, seeing Ronnie, the huge body builder she met the previous night, snoring lightly.On the other side of him was another muscular woman, long dark hair, blue eyes, sleeping soundly.She closed her eyes, focusing on reality. “Dallas. I’m in Dallas,” she whispered. Getting out of bed, she walked to the window of her tenth-story hotel room. Still naked, she looked back at Ronnie.They’d met the night before after an IFBB competition. Michelle, a former fitness model, was competing full-time now. She knew it was stupid to sleep with Ronnie, much less try out a three-way, but had done so anyway. Their night of rough, loud sex had made a mess of her hotel room.Looking out at the Dallas skyline, she thought about her reoccurring dream. She’d been dreaming of her son for close to a year now. The ending was always the same.She arrived home to her son, waking up before anything sexual happened.She thought about Bill, her late husband next, and how his death the previous year brought her and her son even closer – perhaps prompting these strange dreams.Michelle sighed heavily, “I need to talk to someone. A professional.”She moved to the bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were brown again, not blue like in her dream and the woman in bed next to Ronnie.She combed her hands through her long dark hair, glancing one last time at the sleeping mistake she’d spent most of the night fucking.She made her way to the shower. Michelle’s flight home to Miami was in a few hours.The End****************************This is a sequel, believe it or not, to my interracial story:“Self Fulfilling Fantasy.”If you are curious feel free to read that.The third story will be about Michelle and her son becoming lovers in real life – not in her dreams.****************************



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