XS Power S680 Starting Battery Review & Specifications

I’ve had my XS Power S680 starting battery installed for a few months now, so it’s time to write up a review. I’d like to start by saying this thing is tiny, in case you’ve never seen one in person. The dimensions are listed below in the specifications but trust me when I say, it is small. I would be shocked if it didn’t fit in pretty much any application. I chose it because the Honda I installed it in had a pretty small battery from the factory and the S680 was even smaller to my surprise.


S680 installed in my Honda Fit

It starts the car with absolutely zero hesitation even in extremely cold temperatures, well below freezing. The S680 (along with all XS batteries) is an AGM design so there is no fluid to fill or leak out or corrode. Even as my only battery currently the voltage still stays above 14.xx 95% of the time even with over 1k watts of draw at times. I expected it to dip into the 13’s or lower every time the bass hit but it stays just above 14 most of the time except for really long notes. I do not play my music at loud volumes for extended periods though, usually a couple minutes maximum. I imagine if I did for long enough it would dip into the 12’s but my old ears simply cannot take it for very long.

My Alternator cannot be upgraded currently, so I am stuck with a meager 80 amp unit for now. Even with only the small alternator the XS power is doing a fine job. I do intend to add an Xp750 to the rear hatch area eventually for when I upgrade the amplifiers some day. As of now though, this S680 is doing great supporting a single 1600w (probably 800-1k in reality) sub amp and 100w front stage amp.  I couldn’t recommend them more, these batteries are great. If anything changes I will update this post but for now I’ll be sticking with XS Power batteries.


Close up of the S680 installed using the factory Honda mount.

It is worth noting I could have gotten the D680 for slightly less money but they do not come with the terminal adapters. So connecting it to the factory battery terminals is a bit more of a pain. That is what the S is for in S680 – “Starting”. It is meant for under hood use, the D series can be used under the hood as well but it lacks the terminals so you must buy them separately. I’ve read that aside from that the D and S series are the same exact batteries, so this review applies to a D680 as well. So if you need a starting battery, order the S series, if you just want an extra battery under the hood order a D series. The XP series is NOT meant for under hood use though, so keep this in mind if you need a starting battery for under hood use.

XS Power S680 specifications

MSRP $259.99

Product Description
12V AGM Starting Battery, Max Amps 1,000A CA: 320A
Weight Lbs. – 15.42
Weight Kgs. – 7.0

Length – 7.13 in
Height – 6.57 in
Width – 3.03 in

MAX Amps – 1000
CA – 320A
RC – 28min.

MSRP – $259.99

586 and M6 Terminal Hardware Included

3 Year Warranty


What you get when you order the S680, the battery and two terminal adapters.

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