Rockford Fosgate Prime R125-2 installed – New LED Dome light


I got the Rockford Fosgate R125-2 amplifier installed and it is great. It really brought the MB Quart components to life. They sound so much better now, it is a night and day difference. It is mounted behind the passenger seat in the tiny space between the box and the door. I will be making a new box down the road which allows me to mount the amps together on a proper panel.


New White LED dome light during the day.

This thing is bright. I got it in a 2 pack on Amazon for suoer cheap. It is much better than the blue one I got from ebay a long time ago. It lights up the car at night with ease. Here is the description from Amazon if you want to search for the same one and have a Honda Fit 07-08 or yours takes the same size bulb.

31mm 12-SMD 1.25″ 12V Festoon Dome Light LED Bulbs ┬áDE3175 DE3022 DE3021 3175 – White

If you want to replace the rear hatch bulb this is the part number for that one. It is a smaller type bulb which isn’t nearly as bright though. 5 SMD on the hatch bulb versus 12 SMD on the dome light bulb. I have replaced both with LED in mine, again the part number for the hatch is below. This is for 07-08 Honda Fit only, not sure if it is the same in later years.

194 168 5-SMD White High Power LED Car Lights Bulb