Protoss : Cheese of the Week – Proxy 2 Gate Build Order & Information


The Protoss 10/10 Proxy 2 gate is one of the stronger rushes in Starcraft 2. It can defeat most openers and will usually end the game before the 5 minute mark. That is if you make sure not to lose any Zealots and scout often to make sure you’re not getting counter cheesed. It is however fully all in – if it doesn’t work the only chance you have at winning is if you did a ton of damage.

The build is most effective versus Zerg or Protoss. It can be done versus a Terran but if they scout it you are pretty much screwed. They also tend to wall off very early versus Protoss players so you have to stop them from doing that.

The build itself is very simple but you can vary it a few ways.

On 2p maps send out a probe as soon as the game starts to your proxy location. You can do it in the opponents main, natural, 3rd or even out in the middle of the map if you wish. The farther away you do it – the longer your Zealots will have to travel but the less chance you have of being scouted. If you are on a 3 or 4 player map – send out 2 probes.

As soon as the game starts you just make probes and chronoboost them once at 9 supply.

10/10 – 1st Pylon in Proxy Location. Stop Probe Production.

As soon as you have 150 minerals drop the first gateway, once you have another 150 – drop the second one. You want to wall the pylon in – in order to keep it safe. Rally the gates to your opponents base.

This is where the build can vary depending on who you are facing.

You’ll soon have another 100 minerals – you can make 2 probes because the gates won’t quite be done yet. You can also drop another pylon at home or next to your gates. You don’t need it quite yet but will after the first round of Zealots. You can also send the probe up to stick a pylon in the opponents base or steal their gases. As soon as the gates are done you want to make Zealots non stop and chronoboost them every chance you get. You should be able to crank out 4 Zealots very quickly. Make sure not to get supply blocked – if you lose a pylon replace it.

If you are facing a Terran you’ll probably want to check for a wall every so often – if you see one forming put your second pylon up there on the ramp. They will either be forced to kill it or build around it. Best case scenario they slowly kill it with the first marine or reaper and the second they do you rush in with your first round of Zealots. If the Terran doesn’t wall – just scout the base with your probe to see what he is doing.

If you are facing Protoss or Zerg then you can proxy a pylon in their vision range, this will appear like a cannon rush. They will usually over react and pull mass drones/probes. This is just something to distract them while you mass up 2-3 Zealots. You can attack with the first one only but make sure not to lose it. If they have a Zealot or 6+lings you don’t want to go in with a lone Zealot. You can also bring your Probe with you to fight and tank a bit of damage.

After the first few Zealots you’ll either have won or lost, in the rare case you did a lot of damage but they are still in it resume probe production and go home. They may find your proxy and kill it so you want to make gates and tech at home asap.



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