Project Fit Update – Mirage Power N1 Catback Exhaust on Order

Project Fit is back on deck with another update, this time in the form of a new cat back exhaust. I’ve got it on order so hopefully I can post an install video within a week or so. The current oem exhaust is rusted out behind the cat so I needed a new one anyway. I could have spent $500 plus on a higher end brand exhaust but decided to try my luck with an eBay exhaust. I went with the seller Mirage Power, who had good feedback on most items and thousands of transactions. It might not be an HKS Carbon-Ti exhaust but I have to imagine it will do just fine for my needs. As with all parts I’ll do a review once I have it installed and tested.

You can see some pictures of it below. It features a Carbon Fiber muffler (which I am sure is just a wrap) and 2.25″ piping throughout. I will measure this to verify when I get it. The tip is 4″ and comes with a silencer as well, which I’ll probably not run but I’ll give it a shot.



As soon as the exhaust shows up I’ll update here with a review and video.

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