07 Honda Fit Sport

2007 Honda Fit Sport – Bought this slow little turd new and have been daily driving it since. You can check out the mod list and audio mods list along with my total audio cost tally below. You can click here for the Demo Videos Page featuring Project Fit.

Update – 11/4/15 – As you can see in the pic below the Fit was totaled. This page will no longer be updated.


The end of Project Fit.


Honda Fit Sport GD3 Specs

  • Engine – 1.5 Liter Vtec 4 Cylinder. 109 HP @ 5,800rpm / 105 ft/lbs @ 4,800rpm
  • Redline – 6,300rpm
  • Aluminum Alloy Block/Head with 16 valves – SOHC
  • 10.4 : 1 Compression Ratio
  • 80 amp alternator
  • Drive By Wire Throttle
  • 21mm Front Sway Bar
  • 15″ Wheels with 195/55/15 tires
  • 2,471lbs curb weight
  • 0-60mph = 9.0 seconds
  • 1/4 mile – 16.8 seconds @ 81mph


Mostly stock here, older photo from 2013.


Engine bay with XS Power S680.   9/13


System 1/2013 (4 ported 10’s and 1.400 MB Quart – Older Setup)


4th Order Bandpass Box with the 4 10″ Subs and the MBQuart ONX 1.1600D (3/2013 Older Setup)


MB Quart ONX1.1600D amp mounted to a basic carpeted amp rack. 4/2013 Older Setup

The car is slow and pretty boring so I finally decided to stick some loud audio in it. I actually had a small system in it when I first got the car, all Phoenix Gold door speakers (6” comps up front, 6.5” coax rear) and a Phoenix Gold 2 channel amp on them. I also had a Rockford Fosgate 3002 amp powering a set of Phoenix Gold RSD12” subwoofers in a sealed prefab box. It hit hard enough to drop the rearview down, pretty solid for what it was. I had a Kicker 12” CVR in it for a while too and also tried a ported Audiobahn 10” for a short term, it was weak. I also installed some sound deadening in the doors behind the speakers. I had an Alpine CD player as well, but then pulled it all but the door speakers to trade the car. I never traded it and here we are today 2 years later. I stuck the Alpine back in along with an MB Quart 1.400 amp with a Lanzar MAX8 8” subwoofer.


Alpine CDA9805 and MB Quart Remote Gain (Old Stuff)


Pioneer DEHx7500s, 2 Volt Meters and an Autometer Water Temp Meter (Old Setup 2014)


9/2015 – Dash Pod for Gauges, Clarion EQS746, Pioneer DEHx7500s

That 8” lasted me a week before I was bored. I did like the speaker though, it was very budget friendly and delivered some good sound while handling about 200 watts of power. I ordered 4 10” Lanzar MAX10D DVC 4ohm to replace the 8”. This will bring the amp down to 2 ohms and deliver 100 watts to each 10”. This isn’t much but I will be building an efficient ported box so the power handling will go down a bit anyway. I am tuning the box to 33hz which will be about 7cu/ft before sub/port displacement and roughly 5.5cu/ft after. The port is 12×6 for 72 sq/in of port are. Which given the 5.5 cu/ft of actual box volume gives about 13.1 sq/in of port per cu/ft of box. I changed my box design a bit but kept the 33hz tuning, it just ended up a bit smaller.

I recently (12/2012) got a set of MB Quart 6.5″ components to replace the Phoenix Gold components I had before. They sound much better but I need an amp for them, they would really come to life then. The head unit just doesn’t have enough juice to get them really loud. They do sound good though. I opted to surface mount the woofers just for the heck of it, I will probably make a fiberglass pod for them soon. The tweeters were flush mounted in the OEM location. I have now built a 4th order bandpass for the 4 10″ subs and swapped out the Alpine deck for a newer Pioneer. I also added a Rockford Fosgate 2 channel amp on the components. It really brought them to life as expected.

I have since switched to a single 15″ ported setup. It’s an American Bass XFL in my old 4.4 cu/ft ported box. I also moved the amps to the spare tire well for the time being. I don’t know what I am doing with them long term so I hid them in down there for now. Check out the video page or car audio section for current updates.

10/13/15 – The sub and sub amp are now removed from Project Fit. I rarely ever turned it up and it really slowed the car down due to all the weight. I am also going to painfully remove all the extra sound deadening I added one of these days. The rest of the system is still in place. I’ve also added a new catback exhaust recently. I have a few other mods coming soon also, keep an eye out for more updates.

<More Pics/Current Specs below>


Razo Shift Knob


MB Quart Tweeters


MB Quart 6.5″ Mids

Honda Fit Sport 2007

Car Mods

  • Skunk 2 Springs – Roughly a 1.5″ drop
  • Razo WR Spec 240g Shift Knob (RA114a)
  • LED License Plate Bulbs (Bright White)
  • LED Dome and Hatch Bulbs (Bright White)
  • Blacked out front and rear H logos with Plastidip
  • Black Plastidipped Stock Rims with Hankook Ventus V2 Concept 195/55/15 tires
  • Autometer Water Temp Gauge
  • Eqqus Analog Volt Gauge
  • XS Power S680 Battery
  • Tinted Window Vent Visors
  • MiragePower 2.25″ Catback Exhaust
  • K&N Air Filter with Modded airbox

Audio System

Audio Costs (Remember this was a super budget build)

  • Head Unit – Pioneer DEH-X7500S $115 plus dash kit & harness $70
  • Mids/Highs – MB Quart 6.5″ comps (gift) PG 6.5″ in rear doors (old, free)
  • Amp – MBQuart 1.1600 – $170
  • Subs – 4 x Lanzar MAX10D – $96
  • Sub – American Bass XFL 15″ Dual 2 ohm – $227
  • Box – $100 ish for materials now since I’ve built two boxes.
  • Deadening – $75 (Got 10 sq/ft as a gift, have purchased 40 sq/ft)
  • Wiring – $75 (Distribution Block was a gift, so only accounting for the DB Link kits)
  • Volt Gauges $24
  • Rockford Fosgate R125-2 $55
  • Clarion EQS 746 (gift)

       – Current Total$1,007 (Including old subs)


                   Future Plans/Ideas 

  • Audio
    • Touch Screen Head Unit
    • 3 way components in front
    • Custom Door Panels


    • Wheels
    • Different Seats
    • Body Kit – maybe just a new bumper/grille
    • Tint


    • Header
    • Intake
    • Fuel Controller – AEM, Emanage, something…
    • Clutch/Flywheel
    • LW Pulley



Engine bay 2/2013. Added the 2awg kit and 2 4 gauge grounds to the battery.


Newer amp rack – 4/2013


MB Quart ONX1.1600D temporary mounted while I build a new amp rack. 2/2013


4 awg wire through OEM grommet (Now 2 awg)


Basic Fuse holder mount, I will be upgrading the wire and battery later along with adding a Big 3 upgrade (Old setup)


Scosche Fused Distribution Block with 12v Display


Testing out the new sub box before carpeting it.


Got some carpet on the box, need to trim the edges, paint the port area and install a terminal cup. The amp rack is just sitting there at the moment too, I am waiting for some more parts before mounting it.


4 x Lanzar MAX10D (Dual 4 ohm)


Trimmed the edges a bit more and gave the port a sharpie treatment for now. (It’s painted gone now)


12 LED dome light – Super white


View of the subs from up front.


FatMat Deadener on the Hatch 6 sq/ft


10sq/ft of FatMat Deadener installed in spare tire well.


The first system I had in many years, MB Quart 1.400 and Lanzar MAX8 St 8″ Subwoofer, not to shabby but only temporary. Don’t mind the dirty car, I use it to haul all sorts of junk. This setup is now gone, the amp remains for now but the 4 10’s have replaced it. Amp now gone too. I got this setup in December 2012 and it was all replaced by February 2013. 

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