MiragePower Catback Exhaust Install & Review – Project Fit

The new catback exhaust is installed on the 07 Honda Fit, so it’s time for a review and some pics of the install. This cat back was purchased on eBay by a seller called MiragePower, however most eBay systems are similar. They are all made in china likely in the same factories. It was by far the most budget friendly option at $130 shipped. I got the exhaust from MiragePower in about a week. The package was all properly sealed and packed well so no damage happened during shipping. The piping is all mandrel bent 2.25″ with some sort of shiny coating – I don’t expect it will last. The system has a resonator on the mid-pipe which helps keep the sound reasonable. The muffler is a straight-thru canister with a 4″ tip. They do include a silencer also if you choose to use it, I did not.

The installation went really smooth except for one problem. The bolts they include to connect the new exhaust to the catalytic converter are way too large. You would have to drill the cat flange out big time to fit. I chose to just use smaller OEM sized bolts after attempting to make the over sized bolts work for far too long. I also had to grind and drill the OEM nuts & bolts off the catalytic converter due to rust but that wasn’t anything to do with the new exhaust. Once I had the flange all drilled out and cleaned up the new cat back went on in about 10 minutes. It doesn’t rub or bang into anything under the car, which is nice since it’s a good bit larger.

The sound is really pretty mellow for a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder, it has a nice tone but nothing obnoxious. I will try to make a video one of these days but it’s a good sound for a basic NA 4 cylinder. I suspect the resonator help keeps it toned down. You can also add the silencer but I didn’t even try, I like having a little bit of exhaust noise. Overall the system is really nice, the welds look fine to me and the quality is as expected. I will update this post as time passes to report any problems. I would use them again in the future as of now though. You can check out some photos of the install below along with some finished shots.


This is what it looked like just out of the box. It was packaged well and had no shipping damage. There are no instructions, stickers, or anything else included.


These bolts are far to large for the OEM catalytic converter flange. I attempted to drill the flange out but it wasn’t working out. So I used smaller OEM sized replacement bolts since I had to cut the factory ones off.


Close up shot of the faux carbon fiber wrap on the canister. It doesn’t look bad at all. We will see how it holds up to harsh winters.


Here you can see the rusted bolts on the OEM catalytic converter. They ended up being completely rust welded in place. I had to grind them off and drill them out.


Here you can see they are ground off and drilling them out has begun.


Here is another shot of the rusted flange prior to any cutting or grinding. The nuts don’t look bad but no socket would fit thanks to just enough rust.


The finished product after hours of grinding and cursing at the rusted bolts. It sticks out a tiny bit but nothing major at all.


Here you can see the replacement bolts (well one of them) on the catalytic converter flange.


Rear shot of the muffler.


Looks like my Skunk2 springs are getting pretty rusty, muffler looks clean though.


Mid-pipe all bolted up.


The horror that is caused by rusted bolts. $50 worth of blades and disks down the drain.

Thanks for reading – any questions feel free to drop a comment.

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