MB Quart FSB216 6.5″ Component Set Review and Photos

I installed a set of these MB Quart FSB216 6.5″ components in my Project Fit today and they are fantastic. I know MB Quart was bought out and they aren’t quite the same as they used to be but they sound fine to me, especially considering they are about $80. They aren’t going to out perform some $300 component set but they surely hold their own. I have only heard them at about 1/2 steam so far too, due to only being powered by my Alpine HU currently. I will update the review once I can feed them some real power with an amp.

They come with everything you need for install, including flush and surface mounts for the tweeters. The 6.5″ MB Quart mid bass is plenty hefty and deliver some very good punch. I have them mounted in the front doors of my Fit along with the tweeters. I used the flush mount for the tweeter in the OEM spot and mounted the 6.5″ right to the door panel, it required a lot of cutting but I wanted to see the speakers. I have them inside of some foam baffles as well.

If you’re looking for a good entry level component set don’t hesitate to give the MB Quart FSB216 a shot. This is a 6.5″ set, they also have smaller 5.25″ sets as well. They come with inline passive crossovers with wiring already installed for an easy install. They even give you an MB Quart sticker for your toolbox.

 MB Quart FSB216 Photos


MB Quart 6.5″ Mids with Grills


FSB216 Crossover and Tweeter (Bare, no mount)


MB Quart FSB216 Component Set


Magnet of the 6.5″


MB Quart 6.5″ Midrange / Midbass

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