Lanzar MAX10D 10″ Subwoofer Review and Thoughts

Lanzar MAX10D Subwoofer Review, first up are some pics.


Lanzar MAX10D x 4


This is with the plastic magnet cover removed.


Installed in Project Fit.


With Magnet cover on left, without on right.

Onto the review…


  • Price $25-45 online
  • Performance per dollar – a very solid sub considering the price.
  • Sound quality is pretty decent.
  • Looks, I personally think they are a nice clean looking woofer.
  • Gets loud in a ported box, I have mine tuned at 33hz


  • No actual RMS rating given
  • Cheesy plastic magnet cover, makes the sub look bigger than it is but aside from that serves no purpose.

Overall the Lanzar MAX10D subwoofer is a good choice for a budget sub. It’s not going to blow away your roof but it will certainly make some bass and sound pretty good doing it. The 10″ comes in single 4 ohm (Max10) and dual 4 ohm (Max10D) voice coil configuration. I’ve got 4 in a box tuned to 33hz and it gets loud even with only 400 wrms currently, I will update this post once I have some serious power. It still gets very loud for only 400 watts though, they are very efficient woofers in this enclosure.

You can check out a demo video of the subs, click here.

Lanzar MAX10D Specs

  • Imp. Dual 4 ohm
  • Watts – 800w peak (No RMS rating given)
  • Vas. – 1.7904
  • Qts. – 0.49
  • FS. – 28.4 Hz
  • SPL – 85.2
  • Voice Coil Diameter – 2″ KSV
  • Magnet – Dual 65oz

Lanzar MAX10 Specs

  • Imp. 4 ohm
  • Watts – 800w peak (No RMS rating given)
  • Vas. – 2.1435
  • Qts. – 0.26
  • FS. – 28.3 Hz
  • SPL – 88.8
  • Voice Coil Diameter – 2″ KSV
  • Magnet – Dual 65oz

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