IEM Cologne Season 8 Starcraft 2 Top 8 Bracket


IEM Cologne Season VIII Starcraft II Top 8 Bracket.

After an incredible day of games at IEM Cologne Season VIII, the Top 8 bracket is filled with a slew of hard hitting Starcraft II players. You can see by the break down listed below there is a representative of each race. ┬áSome thought it would end up being an almost all Protoss final 8 but that didn’t happen at all. The quarter and semi final matches will be best of 5 series and the finals will be a best of 7. There are 5 Protoss, 3 Terran and 1 Zerg remaining, so each race has hope for a win.

JaeDong is the only Zerg player but he is also one of the most successful players of all time so it’s certainly possible he could pull out the win. There are 3 great Terran players left as well with Polt, Jjakji and Innovation all advancing to the final 8 with great performances throughout the day.

A first place finish is worth $10,000 while 2nd will receive a respectable $4,000. The 3rd place and 4th place finishers each get $2,000. The 5th-8th place finishers each walk away with $1,000.

The Players for the Top 8 break down as follows.

Polt (Terran) vs. Classic (Protoss)

Rain (Protoss) vs. Jjakji (Terran)

Patience (Protoss) vs. Jaedong (Zerg)

Innovation (Terran) vs. Hero (Protoss)

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