DB Link Competition Series CK2Z 2awg Wiring Kit Review and Photos

I recently upgraded the wiring from the 4g DB link kit to the 2g DB link kit. I needed something slightly larger for the amp I purchased and was on an extreme budget, so this $44 kit fit the bill. It includes the following. CK2Z is the part number on Amazon.

DB Link CK2Z

  • 17 Feet 2 AWG Translucent Blue LinkFlex Power Cable
  •  17 Feet Competition Series RCA Cable
  • 3 Feet 2 AWG Translucent Silver LinkFlex Ground Cable
  •  17 Feet 18 AWG Blue Remote Wire
  •  25 Feet 16 AWG Speaker Wire
  • ANL Heat Resistant Fuse Holder
  •  150 Amp ANL Gold Plated Fuse
  •  6 Feet Split Loom /Wire Ties & Accessories

The wire is aluminum coated with copper (cca) type so it’s not pure copper. The price does not reflect pure copper though, so keep that in mind. It seems to do the job fine but in the future I would like OFC wire in 0awg. This kit is just fine however for most basic and entry level mid power setups. I have about 1k watts at my current ohm load using this kit. It comes with pretty much everything you need for a single sub amp install too, which is helpful. The fuse holder is pretty nice, standard type but nice. The wire itself is very flexible and easy to route through the car. The connectors all went on without issue as well, no quality issues. The speaker wire isn’t the best but I used it in my sub box, it’s doing just fine for me.

The 2,500 watt rating is probably on the high side, I wouldn’t try that myself with an actual 2,500 wrms. I would say more like 1,500 or so because it is CCA type wiring. Check out some pics of the kit below.


The 2g kit vs the 4g kit; both Db link.


The fuse holder mounted in my car.


Stock photo of the kit.


Here is a layout of everything in the kit.

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