What is SPL Science?


SPL Science is a website I created to share my love for Cars/Car Audio & Starcraft II. You’ll find all sorts of things relating to both subjects, so please feel free to browse around and enjoy your stay.

As for me?

Well I go by many names but you can call me Polish. I’m currently a Diamond league Starcraft II player but hope to hit masters one day. I’ve also been messing with cars & car audio a long time, you can read about some of my accomplishments and past cars below.

  • MECP Certified Bronze
  • Installer Institute Florida Graduate (Spring 2001)  – Navigation, Enclosure Design, System Installation, etc (Entire course)
  • 1.5 years experience installing at a custom car audio shop (well over a decade ago, I’m old) doing audio/video/alarms/etc. I got burned out doing it as a day job and it sort of ruined the hobby for me for a time. Now that I no longer do it daily I enjoy tinkering again after a long break.
  • Installed and built systems in my friends cars for the past 13+ years.
  • Ran 12.8 @ 109 mph with my 91 Galant VR4, 1.6 second 60ft times on the stock 3 bolt non lsd rear diff and oem sized 195/55/15 tires.

I’ve owned stereo and speed equipment all over the range in most of my vehicles, here is a small bit of my past.

’92 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab V6 (First car back in the mid 90’s)

  • Pioneer CD Player
  • Polk Audio 6.5” Coax door speakers
  • Ghetto home speakers (I think 2 Pioneer 10’s)
  • Then a 10” Pyramid in Bandpass enclosure with Pyramid Amp
  • Then a 10” Infinity Sub in Sealed QLogic Box
  • Kenwood 2 Channel Amp (Bridged @ 150 watts on the Infinity)
  • Cheap ass tweeters in the rear

’88 Acura Legend 2 door coupe

  • I think I had a Pioneer CD player in it too, maybe Alpine?
  • I had some Audiobahn tweeters flushed into the oem door panels
  • I forget what door speakers, maybe Polk
  • I had some cheap 10’s, I forget what exactly.
  • Then I got some Audiobahn 12” AW1200 (iirc) in a sealed box
  • Powered by a Rockford Fosgate Punch 800.2, this amp was a beast
  • It slammed the AB’s hard. I later built a slot ported box for just one 12” while at II and flexed the roof pretty good with it. The single ported 12″ out did the dual sealed 12’s.
  • I had some sealed Eclipse Aluminum 12” in it for a while while working at the shop as well.
  • I also did a shitty fiberglass trunk box with a sealed 15” Solobaric square sub back when they first came out.

97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T Spyder

  • It had a Pioneer CD player and Alpine DDrive 6.5” components
  • Plus a JL Audio 10” sub powered by a smallish bridged pioneer amp if I recall. It was more for speed so no serious system in this car.


I had quite a few sports cars after the Eclipse where I focused a lot less on audio, all were DSM 4g63 powered cars. A couple 1g Talons and a Galant VR4 that ran 12.8 @ 109mph on the stock motor and only a small 16g turbo.


That brings me to my current commuter car, a Honda Fit Sport (First Gen for US). It’s slow and boring so I finally decided to stick some audio in it. I actually had a small system in it when I first got the car, all Phoenix Gold door speakers (6” comps up front, 6.5” coax rear) and a Phoenix Gold 2 channel amp on them. I also had a Rockford Fosgate 3002 amp powering  a set of Phoenix Gold RSD12” subwoofers in a sealed prefab box. It hit hard enough to drop the rearview down, pretty solid for what it was. It had a Kicker 12” CVR in it for a while as well. I tried a ported Audiobahn 10” sub but it was weak sauce so I exchanged it for something I can’t even remember. I also installed some sound deadening in the doors behind the mids. I had an Alpine CD player as well, but then pulled it all but the door speakers to trade the car. I never traded it and here we are today a few years later. I stuck the Alpine back in along with an MB Quart 1.400 amp with a Lanzar MAX8 8” subwoofer to have a little bit of bump again.

That 8” lasted me a week before I was bored. I did like the speaker though, it was very budget friendly and delivered some good sound while handling about 200 watts of power. I ordered 4 10” Lanzar MAX10D DVC 4ohm  to replace the 8”. This will bring the amp down to 2 ohms and deliver 100 watts to each 10”. This isn’t much but I will be building an efficient ported box so the power handling will go down a bit anyway. That setup lasted a couple weeks before I was bored so I ordered a 1600 watt MB Quart amp to replace the small 400 watt. Then I got used to that and decided to try a 4th order for the subs. Check out the Honda Fit page for the current single 15″ American setup and most recent Fit updates.


4 10″ Lanzar MAX10D, no longer in use.

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