American Bass XFL 15″ XFL1522 Review and Thoughts

I’ve had my American Bass XFL 15″ (Dual 2 ohm) installed for a while now, so it’s review time. I will start off by saying it has only been in one box so far, meaning it could be better but for now it’s plenty for me. The box is about 4.5 cu/ft (a bit on the large side) tuned to 33hz. If I could I would tune a few hertz lower, aside from that I don’t mind the larger box since room isn’t a major problem in my hatchback. I have it powered by an MB Quart ONX1600D. It is rated at 1,600 watts RMS @ 1 ohm, but I would guess it probably makes a fair bit less than that. It still moves the single 15″ pretty well though, very well in fact. I do think it could probably take more power.


I do not have an SPL meter but this single 15″ sub is right up there on the ear meter with my old 4 x 10″ 4th order bandpass setup. It is getting more power though, so that is worth noting. It plays from the high 20’s in my current box up to 60+ hertz easily. It sounds very clean and smooth, even in a ported box. The response is very linear from about 28 on up. It might be able to play lower with a lower tuned box, not sure.

I have yet to smell any hot coil even after extended playing times. The looks of the speaker are fairly plain but this is what I like. I don’t want a bunch of fancy useless money wasting decorations myself. The price was about $230, which is about the same as a Sundown SA15. I have not personally heard the Sundown but I also considered one. the difference being I could buy the XFL locally with a warranty, it also has a 3″ voice coil compared to 2.5″ on the SA15. So I went that route. I couldn’t be more pleased thus far. It gets very loud and very low, extremely impressive for a single 15″.


3″ Voice Coil on the American Bass XFL 15″

The sub itself is very sturdy with a stitched surround and also heavy considering it has 220oz in magnet alone. Here are the specs of the 1544 model, which is dual 4 ohms. The dual 2 ohm model isn’t listed on the American Bass website but the specs are included in the box.

* SIZE(IN) 15
* IMP 2X4
* RDC 1.7
* LEVC(MH) 2.239
* FO(Hz) 31.5
* SD(msqM) 81.43
* BLTM 13.299
* QMS 3.285
* QES 0.562
* QTS 0.48
* n(%) 0.638
* SPL(Db) 91.3
* VAS(L) 72.6
* CMS(Um/n) 77
* MMS(g) 311.2
* VC 3
* MAGNET(OZ) 220
* XMAX(+/-mm) 19
* POWER(RMS) 1000
* POWER(MAX) 2000
* F RANGE(Hz) <300

If you’re in the market for a single 15″ sub in the $225 to $250 range, it is surely worth a look. I might even try one of the higher end American Bass subs in the future based on my experience with this mid level sub so far. It might not win every SPL contest but I’d bet it could win some with the right power and box.  You can see mine below, in my old beater box which I originally made for 4 10″ subs. I have it firing into the hatch currently, I have not tried up or forward at all.


I have read the ideal box parameters are around 3.5 cu/ft with tuning in the 28-30 hertz region, but have not tried this box size or tuning yet myself. I might try to re-tune my current box down the road but I think I would need more power if I made a smaller one. It takes all I have to offer currently even in an over sized box. The sub is rated at 1,000 RMS, but some say it will take much more. I would have to agree with that but can’t say it with authority because I doubt my amp makes much more than that. I’d really like to hear it with about 2k RMS in a 3.5 cu/ft box tuned to 28 hertz because even with my 33 hertz tuning and half that power it still gets viciously low and loud.


Wolverine gives you a scale comparison, this sub is serious business.


  • Dalton says:

    Did you build your own box? If so what were the measurements? If not where did you buy it?

  • remdude says:

    Nice review, thank you! How about a follow up review? Looks like it has been about a year, how has the Xfl 15 held up? Have you metered your setup yet?

    • admin says:

      I wish I had a chance to meter it, but I have not. I will say it’s gotta be at least 140db but I could be off – for a single sub in a basic ported box it’s nasty. I think it could handle a heap more power too. I have barely hammered on it though, so it still works great. I would love to add a 2nd one and more power.

  • jay says:

    hi. I’m thinking about getting 2 of these and I already have 2 audiopipe apcl 1500d amps and a vented box 3.6 cubes.. how do u think it will sound and hold up to this amp setup?

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