2007 Honda Fit – Front Door Speaker Replacement DIY – MB Quart 6.5″ Components

I took a few photos today when I installed the MB Quart FSB216 component set in my Project Fit. So I put together this post to show a bit of the install. It’s not a complete install guide but should help should you need to replace the door speakers in a 2007-2008 Honda Fit.


First off you’ll need to take the screw out that the drill is pointing at here, it is out in this photo.


Then you need to slide the door handle forward and pull it away. You slide the clip off the door release rod and it will pull right out. It is slid off in this pic.


You can then use a small screwdriver to pry the door armrest trim cover off. It is tight but you just pry from the bottom after popping open the little tabs, the screwdriver is pointing at one.


Remove the screws circled in red and unplug the harnesses.


You should be ready to go and look like this now. Pull the door panel off, it is snapped on. I find pulling hard once on the door pocket will release it easily. Then lift it off the window track.


Here are the Phoenix Gold 6″ midbass that the MB Quart 6.5″ will be replacing. I had these mounted with some MDF baffles which were behind the foam. You could mount yours this way too and they would hide behind the OEM door panels. I just wanted to do it different. The OEM speakers are actually square at the bottom, they only screw in on the top and clip in at the bottom. So you’ll either need to make some brackets, order some, or mount them to the door panel like me.


Here is the door with the PG 6″ removed. I also pulled the foam and cut away some of the metal to make room for the larger 6.5″ I also cut a hole in the door panel and placed the foam baffle directly into the door panel. I then mounted the 6.5″ directly to the door panel using the MB Quart Grills. I think the stock cover blocked a lot of sound and I like this look.


Passenger side MB Quart 6.5″ and Tweeter installed (crossover behind door panel)


Back side view of the Phoenix Gold Tweeter that I mounted using the stock tweeter bracket. I pulled all of this and flush mounted the MB Quart tweeter into the OEM hole after a little shaving of the plastic.


Drivers side 6.5″ Mb Quart Midbass installed


MB Quart 6.5″ (Right) vs. Phoenix Gold 6″ (Left)


Mb Quart Tweeter Flush Mounted into the Fit door panel


MB Quart Tweeter with Door Panel installed

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  • Burn D says:

    Question… As I have a 4 door Fit and I want to activate the rear doors with some thumper speakers(lots of bass), I have had other cars(not Honda) that the door panels took special…use it once plastic [email protected] 60 cents a clip and 10 per door on this car(Vega) and 10 for the hatch. that was $30 bucks for that item.

    I have also had V.W. where everything is reusable..cost=0

    What should I expect from Honda? It may be an 8 year old car, but I got it new and have not even put 30K miles on it and still on original tires.

    So to me, it is still “NEW”. Still shines like new and is clean inside..
    That knowledge would save me the headache. If the speaker face is part of the door panel them maybe the boomers won’t fit so I got to wire it to loose boxes and toss them in the back behind rear seat?
    I just went out to look at the make. Nothing showing. I figure it is just the stock factory AM/FM CD player HONDA tosses in their basic model.

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